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Hello, today I have brought a video for you, it is going to be very different, everyone you meet here, I am going to get less of you here, she also goes and goes, so call as soon as possible and now Be your quickest, so here you get this recipe if you want, if you want it, first of all about what you get here, then I am going to be late inside the anarkali and it will also take some time inside that designer By the way, what are you going to get here, you can see that the color is green, which is a very different color, what is inside it, you get call printing in a completely easy way and here The network can see the piping pattern that has been given, which is called Anarkali, now here in this you get all the variety of full length that you are satisfied that you are going to get and here you can see it in the same way. Goes but can’t see whoever is making it from meeting house in this way, everyone would know that’s why the test of All India is done.


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You get it at one place, we get it at such a rate a year, next nine and you are going to get this anarkali pattern, that print design is going on, it is being liked very much, no matter what but if you apply So with all these inside it you are able to make very good profit, if you get it in a similar design, then you can see that you are going to get something inside this method which you would be getting but this thing You get what is going to happen to you, you can see that it also goes to you, what is inside it, you get a lot of color combinations, you get the whole one that you get from here. 24 carat if you like this original except the springs number, this message goes to you related to it and whatever we tell you about the video, if you talk to me here, then you get so that you get the color color Color happens because they are what someone likes and if you do it as fast as you can, you can see what suits you.


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Complete Umbrella Anarkali Which country you get inside the house but you get this jacket pattern you can see with complete boyfriend you also get a jacket pattern at the same time the creature button people of the button places inside it you can at least We are going to get and update the sleeves, so in the same way, you get the fashion of the button from the side which is the fashion of the button, by the way, what is the variety, which party is also very much liked for If I talk about that size, according to the double excel, whatever size you want, we are going to get you from here, you just have to order mini and keep a budget of 10,000 to 20000, what is inside it is your clothes, which is now very much from the demise You are able to setup easily, if you want any water made, if you want, then you can get it very easily here, then what are you going to get in the neck line and anarkali? Whatever the game is, we don’t like it, someone likes it very much, so you can see the whole unroid design at its end.


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The rate you get, the way the belt goes in your pattern and here you can see the complete design of stand collar, here you are going to get the guava districts, please you can see in the same way which advertisement that you Patterns are found and the patterns that sleep like this, you all know that we do not get to see anywhere, it is very difficult to see such variety duty and if on the spot if we have any Marathi if week in business If you have to improve, then you just have to do it, how to join with the Kesaria Textile Company and you can make all the executives sitting at home, but if you want any business related, then you get it.


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How you can set up how you can increase the margin And at the same time, what kind of collection can you die area wise, that too you are told a fool from here, so the 11th one that is going to grow now is also going to be inside the anarkali pattern, which you would get inside the gift love And its now you can see if others print it but if this files end gets damaged or not then That if you do anything, the file printer is not going to get damaged even after watching that all the variety is made here with full guarantee, while still listen to the upcoming product related, then you all know that We are not a manufacturer but what you are doing from a retailer, which would have been very difficult to convey to the customers, you all know, so whatever variety you will take from us, you will get the quality.


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Combinations go to you a lot and now I would like to show you what the free collection is, in this way you get it in the supplier packing, then you can see Radhe Colors in very beautiful back packing, this many wishes on it You can also use such a gift’s accordion, so don’t order such a collection as soon as possible and have your video as soon as possible how to startup things with any Kesaria Textile Company Hundred percent is going to be like that you are going to stay connected with us this but this whichever customer is with us Stay connected with us only because we get quality waste products here, they have business related ideas, those people also go to all the variety sitting at home, you guys pick it up and do whatever increases in your ease so that the power varieties are very much liked. But we will keep bringing many more wonderful collections for you, we will not continue to meet you like this in the next video with the collection till then thank you.


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