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Hello, The variety of sarees I have brought for you today is also going to be very special that every time you see the Doon Valley saree, you see the object in which variety of chiffon Have seen it then see it in your bag, it means that we see 350 red variety but the necklace which is going to be variety is not specific, if I talk about it, today I have brought you the collection from the front side, whatever the selected variety it is going to be on it. It’s going to be very wonderful, enter the video must be seen that whatever the variety is today, the designer who is going to be there, if you die completely, then the number given on your screen for the businessman Paris, you have only one You have to call and all the other details which you get on the fool by the online team because the main thing in it is neither what the price is going to be as soon as this happens, how many color combinations you are going to get after the price, then you will get everything.

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If the details come here, then you start correction, so you see You are going to get Browser Saree which is going to be very nice collections in this with weight loose border and you can see that you are going to get a very cute Browser Saree in this way Left You get the border, you can see the dream right now, it is going to happen under the name Sanaya and you can see that the design is going to be a very cute concept, so you can see that in this way you get one sided The border concept is going to get the flower pattern, you get it and similarly, the round flower design given inside the whole saree is not a very nice thing, you get it here and the shining which I have inside the branches If it is not found inside anyone, then you are going to get a sari saree like a sari with six digit length, you get all these contacts here, it grows like this next design and but before that we will do it.

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If you want to see the catalog, then you can see that there is going to be a catalog like this, but now what is in it. Is it going to be designed or you get something in this way, you can see only variety store sidesides you are going to get something inside the design if you like it, then it means when we get so many designs inside the same lineage, then it is not like this. It is our business that does not keep running and in this way we are able to make a lot of progress in business, so whatever the button design is going to happen inside without lace border but the designer which is going to be in it is not the satin belt according to you.

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If you are going to get it, then you can see that by which you get this scientific border people, here and there is going to be this complete catalog named Rolex and the designer who is going to be in it, you get some different designs of different things rather The wonderful collection that you give, how you are going to see it every time in this Kesaria Textile Company, then you can also see in it that it is very soft then the cream which is soft quickly, nor you get it inside it, now if the blouse piece If we talk about something like this, if you get a blouse piece, then it happened for the collection of a saree.

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But right now you must be thinking that madam your friend told the toddy variety, but what is its price going to be now, then if we talk about the price of only one body, it becomes ₹ 5 starting Varieties in which you will get the collection from the very best. It is the color that if we are neither dark color or light color then every single WhatsApp is going to be seen here, then you can see that whatever sari coming is very light, it means that it is a vest or a very light veg.

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You are going to get what we call battery sarees and in this you can see that in this way you have Amir Akhtar American Brass, here you get what you have, you are going to get this under the effect of golden color and in this way Whatever happens is not very much liked because right now the daily routine is liking her accord very much, if you are a woman, then keep such varieties of it so that if the daily routine c saree The President of this oil is also known that Which variety do the customers like, which design time is needed because you can choose from the variety It also happens that some varieties of oil are not available, but you think that that variety is going to fail, but if the customer comes once, he definitely comes for the second time because his second time too.

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This is the hope, then something new is going to be seen, then you must definitely mix other varieties, all the earlier collection will be compound, so stay here like this, do business and how if you join with the Kesaria Textile Company, then every time something You are going to get to see new designs, so you can see that new designs are coming, this collection is a very cute concept, if we talk about its designs, then you can see that it is a complete branch pattern but inside it you will get complete The design of the peacock is available, you can see that with the diamond of Russia you are going to get a catalog named Riya The lace border which is given is not very attractive once you wear it No and all that wasted question seemed that you are going to get it, then go to the variety store of this saree.

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