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Hello, I Himanshi how the retail company is very good for you with thinking and new direction, but today there is some special collection that we bring for you, that is, if you get it with it, then you must have the property of so many subscriptions. Do it all as if you come to know that the collection then it can call the number and do this very relaxing images minimum budget which is all of you know that its above 10,000 to 20000 Collection color combinations and designs are different then they are able to press the customers very well as if you are going to get a very beautiful and very good variety and with this you have a whole problem which is very much liked If it comes as soon as possible you can see the very cute design that you are going to get the whole way and inside it you get the kundan key and you have to meet in the same way and you can see this blouse piece because you have to get every single one. Inside the variety, you are going to get a blouse piece attached, in this you can see that the design of the back side is also yours.

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With a very good design concept, it is also very important to have a blouse with a saree giving more of this sari, so if we have a blouse inside it, then the whole setup becomes equal, then you see this on the next flight of the next variety. You can see that in the same way all the concepts that you get inside the quirky ribs like you, I told you in the beginning itself that all the variety of embroidery look and what is there from the wards, you get the lace then you can see The whole article just touches your piping, which is the way you are going to drink this golden color in this way and you are going to get this design, you can see that you are going to get a very good collection here, so raided it Along with this, the numbers given on your screen, only you have to call, the hair color combination which you get to know through the rest of the online team, you also get to know the price in the same way, but now you have Look at the variety, you can see a plain water in it, along with the blouse, you can get attached and Here is how in this Kesaria Textile Company, whatever variety of saree you are going to get, you get a complete cut of 9 meters, which is the most basic thing of lace border that the overall look is very much liked by women.

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That we love to look something different every time, you can still see the next variety which is yellow color and if you told everyone that it looks very cute, it has color inside it which shade from inside it. Something different that you get and you can see the booties, in this way you are going to get beads of golden color, then in this way you also get complete lace border together but like we tell every time that if If you are doing business, then keep the minimum budget of 10,000 to 20000 so that you can get all the remedies very easily and that too you get 221 variety of mantra in which gender you get from us, packing you in the same way You can see the color clearly, very cute, everyone mixes the color Catalog 8148 Inside this you would have found and If you are going to get a coding system, then you can see that here you get something like this in the bar coding system, the price shown to you above it is going to get you within the same price that how the Kesaria Textile Company is not a name at all So there is more trust than where you get variety like but why all India test you get it at this place, then on birthday next flight because today I have brought the collection sir it is going to be above Chitra So you can see that you get so many designs in over a week, so that means if you stop such Marathi then you get very good profit in festival season and here you can see but this will give you a lot.

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It mixes beautifully and even here the small star type that has been made to notice you is also a very good collection because you all know all these collections it takes 15 to 20 days to make a saree but Along with being a manufacturer here, because the saree is made, care is taken about Avneesh Singh as well. Because we also know that you have to do this business, then the customers should also like Marathi that if the customer is getting quality products from us then, now they come in the same way and quality is going to happen because you get Vala and everyone knows that is liked, so here you can see that you are going to get with Mil Hai Hai and talking about this combination, you can see that in this way you get this pattern. The company gets what you can see, so these were alarms if you want to know then just call the numbers given on your screen, you have to join with us then I hope you very much Would have liked it more, definitely tell through the comment, but if you ever come to Surat, then definitely do it because it is at a distance of 500 in the market, which also gets the biggest price of the company, but for that you get full facility, that means here we have So that you can easily see as we are getting new thinking and new direction.

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