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Work Saree Manufacturer Surat: Hello don’t believe how with new thinking and new direction from the textile company, the variety that I have brought for you once again inside this upcoming saree and some new concept this time also I am going to show you that you all know That’s a manufacturing company, so the variety that goes here, what are the different types you get and every time you are going to see a different variety, that means if you will set on offline and then do online purchasing, some though which The app is available here, that is also all the variety that you get in the factory rate and you are going to get the gender accordion from the hall because we deal here only in gender from this side, then call the screen number.


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And through the rest online, you get full facility, it is going to mean how many combinations you get, so today I have brought for you this saree variety is going to be available in Tantrik below, so first we start The variety that is going to be a saree is going to be Jordan Basis because this collection is immortal I would definitely like to show you that extinction in which you can see that in this way the 5 inch east direction is going to look stupid here, if we take the size of the eyelids, you all know whether it is If we are checking on the show or us, then it is very easy surgery to sell for it, which means which burst is necessary, you go to take any variety, 7gb inside the clothes go back to the top of the shop when we There is a comfortable feeling inside this cloth, then we are sure that the light from here is going to be very good, so how in the retail company you are going to get the same thing as you can see very cute You can get these embroidery people here, but how beautifully this saree design is made with great detail and which one I have got you going to get it in such a way that as if you are going to see the lace border.


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With so much Honey Singh, this saree has the texture of Marathi matching stones, you can find it in full flavor saree and you can see it. There is also blouse piece which you do not get the result, as well as such a company which has variety, if you do business, then definitely keep such varieties that you told everyone that if we do business of saree also, then we have design combination in it. It is very important that customers come in many ways, I do not know myself how to test it, it is not necessary that you keep heavy collection only, keep some cotton, keep some made and some printed collection. It is very important to have, if we want to start a business and make a settlement, then for that you must keep in mind that Saree Marathi Sahitya Marathi Saree Cattle is a living being, then you can see that in this way you get the entire five catalogues. You are going to get a set of teachers and in this you get a set of designs of color combination very well and with every variety you get the catalog along with that what the customers have, you can easily find all the variety of its color combinations Be able to give an idea about it so that whatever is there in your business is very good.


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If you have a penis, then fill it inside the strange man who is going to be like I told Varieties Today I have brought you one side inside, so this collection is what you are going to get and this is what you will get in the lab itself So you can see that very good Ghrita and inside it you get something like this you are going to get the whole golden color and you can see what is found inside the pallu pattern and also a lot of stones Well you are going to get it and you are seeing this in the same way, it tells us in the design that the 9 meter complete that you get this lace water in the saree is going to be found inside every saree that you all Will tell you in which blouse she is cut from this saree, what it is, it is the loop, its gate is still very important to look good, so keeping in mind the test of the customer, all this variety slum is celebrated so that Whatever it is, you get to find very good and beautiful in it, understand its catalog and its name and you can see that If you get then hopefully you are going to get so that you are doing your business, then in that way you are going to get at least with us as well as you are going to get with us plus 2 which stops so here But if it is found, everyone who happens to be a lot knows that it is very difficult in the video but whatever it is very good means that you get the whole family over the family in this way, this saree designer will give you a lot of detail.


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It is going to be found and you also get that it is six and a half inches, so it is going to be found here and you can see in many such collections that the pattern which means the back side is what you get here. But it is going to be found that if you keep the budget sitting at home, you can order it comfortably and need to know to do it and we tell the judge whether it is small or big but business is tow business, so now quickly Start early, then you all must be thinking that, then we are all thinking of starting them, but if there is no one to support, then you should How do you get full support from the textile company, that means how you have to do startup, how to keep variety, you have a complete overall look, how can you get the shop ready because you told everyone that keeping variety from this is your complete customer. One does not come to the side, which is its clarity, that means that it also needs to be very good, then you also get to know its complete details from here, once you just need to visit the screen. Send the number given, you just have to call and go with us like this, then we can see from the side of its club, this decision is going to be made by the name of Small Ram, in which the color you can see is very much you get.


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It is known because inside it you have more acidity in the dark color charter and the dark color which you know looks very good, the functions of night time also have acidity inside it will look very good if the festival season is going on. You must keep this variety of designs which are neck designs, you will find some of these methods inside the complete follow pattern. From here you can see that you are going to get the complete zari work, the complete support of the stones is available here that you are going to get the lab border in it, that means you get the double toned body concept here, here you get some with lace water. In this way you are going to get full Android looking, heavy top with colorful designs, you can see some smugglers look, here you also get that in the tenses that you have made right now, you get what you have but some like this But you get all this ride inside it, you get such a stupid variety, you can also see all this variety through live video call because the variety that is shown to you from here, while the variety is going to be delivered to you in front, that means air.


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Whatever shipping is available to you from here, then to know about many such contacts, please stay connected with us like this, you have to call the number on your skin and definitely go with us. Now let’s see the catalog that is going to be there, you can see that this year this catalog is going to be named Ring. As the name is, you get the variety here, so here you can see it, so you get the set and the design concept of it is going to be similar to the color which is, you get something different from this way. Many such designs in the best light colors, if you want, then here you will see a lot of collection, here you get more than one design, you are going to get more than one design, then see me in the next video with new varieties Till now you are making like this with us and in the same way you can watch many more of our videos that means you can see the collection of all ladies bags by visiting the youtube channel of textile company that you also know Let’s see what kind of variety you are going to get here Tamil name next time Thank you for watching!


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