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Hello, Himanshu how with new thinking from Kesaria Textile Company with new direction which I have brought variety for you inside suit material in which now angry daman and key design is going to be found in some way you can see this cotton fabric inside it you all Variety is available in which you are going to get the blame cotton, very beautiful, you are going to get embroidery designs here, so now we start without taking much time, if we talk about the rate, then it was definitely ₹ 5 starts. And like this you stay in our video till the end so that you are going to get many designs, today the design I have brought for you is your whole arm, in this way you can see in a very easy way time here You are going to get the proper leadership of the stones, you will get the all over which is going to be the pattern of kurti and you can see here you also mention the catalog name, it is going to be the catalog name by the name of school cotton and you can see It is very nice design here you get it and now if we talk about dupatta, You wear a scarf, inside every variety, you are going to get a Chinese scarf, some very cute in this way, which test is very good, the old men that have been given here are very good designs, you get here and all that is a quarter In this two meter cut dupatta, you get a complete lace border around it in the same way, so if you talk about hotness and look, then in this way you can see a lot of this pattern here you are going to get.

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So the quick neck design is going to be of cotton printers, on top of this you are going to get the complete printing design, but in this you can see that the record is complete then you are going to get and the designs of water joe and sequence are the designs you will get in it. If it dies, let’s see it is going to be a very good design, in this way there is a very beautiful pattern which is very much liked even in regular use and inside each variety you will get a complete two and a half meter bottom cut. You only get the material of the kurti according to the diameter and the diameter of Prabhjeet.

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It is going to be a scarf, that is also going to be very nice and white color is a very beautiful color as you all know but you are going to get designs in it, in this way you get brush printing which is very nice There is a button and you can see the border in it, you get a lot of respect, you get the border cut of the samosa lace, in this way, which is going to look very much like in golden color, then you can also see it in some way you get This is a very good collection and to know about many such collections, turmeric is the number given on the screen, now diet can call us so that like our online team, you get the update of all the collection very well Meaning, what is its price, how is this design going to be available to you, how many color charters you get to accord with one stop, because there are some customers who are not possible to come, they do online purchasing while sitting at home.

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But whatever variety you like, now you take a screenshot of it, now send the number I just send the pic to you and you get the updates related to it, you get to know the rate of the variety because we are not able to mention the rate every single thing because we have a lot of customers that means Some go to wholesalers, some go to retailers, some sit at home, those who do purchasing, by the way, you also get our customers, so soon you are going to get new designs which is not a very good time, you all know that the festival season is going on now. And in that you all know that Eid is coming, Ramadan is coming and you are going to get these very attractive designs having such varieties, now you can see very beautiful white mole, you also get the design of surgery.

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And what you can see, this saree design has been made with very good detail and very nice here you also get the complete design of the stones along with your lion and in this also you can see the buttons now In this way, you are going to get my bottom ware, you are going to get a very good design and now I am going to have a dupatta, in this way you get a dupatta, which you can see in chiffon fabric, it is a very good design concept that you get the complete embroidery design, you get the lace border all around in the same way. You are going to get many such collection updates inside golden color, so simple thing you have to do is that you have been connected with us like this means that you can subscribe to the YouTube channel which is ours so that you will get many collections. You have been getting notifications about this and now Malaika will also press till you get its related notification whenever the new collection comes and now all the variety which can be seen sitting at home and can order online sitting at home. In the moving new design, this saree is going to be very good in the neck design, you can see the variety of this saree inside the cotton, you are going to get the English design here with the multiple color design, you can see the stones in this way. You are going to get the designs of Stones And in the same way, if we talk to you in Poo Vikram kurti for everyday look flowers, then you get the computer design of friends plus stones, so now you can see very good collection of water and kurti that you have here. You get it only in Wasim Yellow color and if we talk about its dupatta, then in some way you get a dupatta in China, you can see very good embroidery people here you are going to get satin hinges all around.

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From this you get the concept of border and you want to come to Surat at any point of time for you must visit the Kesaria Textile Company where you can see all the variety which is live means that with your own eyes that they say no. Until we are able to see all the variety, we cannot believe that how the variety is going to be found, then definitely come once, now you must be thinking that why we ask you to come after and then all of you Know right away that how this Kesaria Textile Company there you can see all the sales officers, I can digitize you but You can come here because wherever you belong from any area, you get craving everywhere but the variety you get, they also bring them from the sun but they always forbid you that you We get all the variety, but if you are doing clothes business, then you also have a very good and politics that you go and see all these varieties, how are you going to get the variety, how many margins do you get That everyone’s marking is set up, you get something different, then you must have come here once and were happy purchasing the budget, you all know that you max 15 to 20 thousand here up to 25 thousand now if you relax Keep from and ladies makeup complete collection, if you are doing the same business, you must keep the business of it very well, you get profit very well that you all know that there is a business of clothes, in that we do not get the hair startup very soon.

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If you find it, that’s why you have to start off given and how to help you in our Kesaria Textile Company. Facilities are available, at every step, you are going to get support like this, so go now, who is going to be the designer before the last design, which is not going to be the starting quarter, in this way you are going to get the complete Amroli design and what is here You get the design of multiple flowers which is given here very well and if you are going to get this design here in this way and whatever is in it, the scarf you are going to get is something like this in cotton only. You get this dupatta, it is a very cute collection, that is my ID, customers come to you as soon as they see it, just we should have good variety, quality should be good and margin is set very well It is necessary to do all of you know that customers come to us again and again when the quality we have is very good and how whenever a customer comes to the Kesaria Textile Company, every time a customer comes to us like this. Lives and sends you sitting at home, you keep doing it every day, so I hope you get all this hatred. I would have liked it very much and you must share your opinion with us by commenting and the rest of your skin donor is fine, you had called us, you can connect from our side, else you may be business related or keep any product All the details are well provided to you from here, so you will get the next video with the next variety, thank you till then.

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