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Namaskaram Himanshi, how is it not from the Kesaria Textile Company, otherwise I warmly welcome you all with the right direction, today I have brought a very beautiful one for you, she gets inside the sari, so many such people are found here. You have to call the number that you are going to get online today, if this is going to be a digital print inside the saree, then the meaning is different anyway, so much so that you can see that the way it is completed. The way I get you, you can see the pattern you get, because if you have a digital print, then it is found here, you can see that you are going to get the pattern from here, in some way you The pallu pattern is complete, here you can see the pallu, it is a complete digital print that you can get, now you must be thinking that how can a digital print be possible, then I would like to tell all of you that it is very simple to recognize the digital print. Things happen because even after that, the print never comes, you can see it is going to be completely white.

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Speak from the back, the printing sleeps, that means in the front size that everything was going to be seen in the same, then you can see the beauty of the medium size, now here you get the design of olive oil inside the sari. Guest Proper you are going to get cut and that too adding basis this saree is going to add that means how many super collections you get here and many such collections how you have Kesaria Textile Company and manufacturing company so whatever you make varitis If something has gone, you are going to get it here, so it is very important to see what is going to be a blouse before going for the new design and running, so here you two, in this way, you go to the blouse pattern in browsers. Whatever you get, here you get a very automatic type of design, which is how to make a very bati, print it and it is very difficult to make only variety and you all know that’s why the manufactures sleep that’s why Marathi is only factory Redmi provide you so that if you are in business If you are doing Ness then it becomes very easy for you too, only you are able to do variety of purchase, tomorrow is paper and if you can do the difference easily, then to know about many such details which are given on your skin.

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The numbers are given, you can call us and if you like any of these collections, then you just have to take a screenshot, then send the number, now I just have to message, you get per liter of victims, generations also to all of you. Know that it is very important that at the same time if you are able to find out about what the color combinations are, then they grow, but this design, you are going to get a lot in this too, now you can see it in a wave pattern in this way. The whole variety you are going to get is poo digital print and it is also going to be catalog name in army name so now we all see how the saree and collection is going to be a whistle, it looks very super you can see that Completely in this way you are going to get the leheriya pattern, very colorful it can be said in the wrap saree that the size of the testis is It is a complete digital print, you can talk about it, you get a very cool softness in it, now we can see this lover sari that you are going to get something like this in the lining basis party, you can see some design in this way you get It is known that within printing there are many collections of design concepts that are available one after the other, so whenever you come to Surat, how must you visit the Kesaria Textile Company because it is only 10 minutes away from the station, also in Millennium Market Block Calls for 3031 Shades come to the office, all the variety that is there, you can see for yourself that we all know that we all know that we cannot believe this variety, we were going to get the time.

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Then the pattern of blouse piece which you can see is very and we are going to get you in line inspector which is a very good collection which means these combinations are also there you are going to get it very perfect here and to all of you Know that if we are doing business then it is very important for us to take care of all the things. It is necessary to maintain the quality with that it is also very important thing to do sales, after that it is the 10 most demanding thing to recognize the customer’s test because you all know till then you are not able to connect the customer’s test. Till then we are not able to keep the variety very comfortably, then for this first of all you live in any area, because from here we get voice typing but you also live with life, just custom its first test i.e. if If you have started a small business, keep silence per government, all the variety in it means keep the complete collection of ladies off and will tell you all if we get the complete collection of ladies seen in cassette quantity, then there is no need to go anywhere else.

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With guarantee, you get all the variety, the quality, the best product, that is also in the factory rate, so take care of the new design and the new design of the activity is going to be very beautiful white, then the digital print is tasty, it has a lot of designs with designs. And this saree is perfect Simple treatment you get it you can see that I am going to meet you Pallu Khan in this way very cute little ballu concept I get you the length of the saree is complete you are going to get six and a half meters with blouse Also the seal is going to be found with all this, if you like it, you have to take the whole lineage that what we have here is dealt only in other settings, then you can see this saree and love and In the same way you are going to get printing, you can see the blouse piece which you are showing in the digital print saree, in the same way you are going to get the blouse piece which you get the whole printing design here, many such collections here But if you are going to get then they go balance new design towards neck design is also going to happen inside digital digital print in a similar way but which throw is going to be something different which you can see very cute The pallu pattern you will get here and the more people you are going to get in this way in the pallu is very With beauty you get some new look we have given to it which you get and here you can see inside the pallu pattern which in this way line through golden color all these are found and here You can see that in what is going to happen at the bottom, you also get the surgery line properly and the fight that has been given here is also very similar to your lion, here you can see the whole you.

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Printing Flower Design Here you are going to get the digital print inside, so the fabric that is going to be something, just here you get the fabric, that means even within this year you automatically get a digital print saree with Blouse is also the head of the whole sari, this look is absolutely the blouse you get, you can also see Islam with the whole zari lining and how the sticker of the Kesaria Textile Company, which looks separately on what but through with a sari All this printing is going to happen inside it. Cricket is a manufacturing company, so every variety is the focus of everything. It is very important not to keep what you are going to see in every variety, so let’s go to the cancer that is going to be very good, this catalog is going to be named Mohe Rang To, now you see the brightness in it. You can see that the way you can see the complete set up of the seventh class, you are going to get my dad’s color differently, but this is the design you are going to get as well as the design is going to be different, so we meet you next How with Variety Kesaria Textile Company, which is our YouTube channel, you can see all the variety and more collection by going there, if you like videos brides, do subscribe to the channel, till then we will definitely meet with Next viedo till next Thank you for watching!

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