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This petticoat is about to get some stitching, you get a lot of variety of sarees inside it you get it, we are put here in Seoul setting Hello, how do I live Himanshu, sports competition is not thinking, you all with new direction Once again a warm welcome but today’s variety is going to be special every time Tom demands a saree inside it’s code inside it but there are many other things that you can see in Ladies Vikram Seth Collection How Ratings & Co. I am getting that too within witness rate then so many variety if you get one place in that also design combination if so many will handover all the numbers given on the screen you just have to call and go with us like this rest As you are wondering what the price is going to be, how many color combinations are going to be interluded, then all that you get to know through our online day, rest you will definitely tell through the comment that how you want to see more varieties Suggest us Comment then we would have more excitement That’s what we’ve brought for you John Varieties with you and cough back he can see the coming petticots moon that’s very cute here’s going to meet you.

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You can see you’re going to get it and you’re going to get it From here you get that it’s going to have a length and you get what we say and here you can see that you’re going to get but it’s going to happen in which complete facilities are available and everyone knows that it is very important to be complete, so you can see that it is complete, now there were a lot to be found in it, now we are looking at dark color, so in this also You can see the proper way it goes to lunch in this way and the design means that you get this simple kind of people and you can see in that too, even here you get the teaching that you have, you get the whole stitching which is there.

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You get it right here along with fishing and the MP of the interlock facility is stitched first, then it is interlocked so that the clothes that are strong remain the same and the variety is there in them. So basically it has to be taken care of very much that all of you know that this thing is petticoat, it is also used in routine and at the same time this is the thing which is the definition that if we go together then you all know about women. It is that Variitis is getting very good here, you have to join from there and you can order many more from there, you can do this culture and very comfortably, you can see I am sure that you get it but if it is then you are going to see but now you must be wondering what is its price, then all of you who are cotton.

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You all know that very much like office which we are a Liked in bar id and in this you get starting from one hundred and five rupees whether cotton fabric is like this, whether it is winter or summer and again the month of help which is preferred is not cotton, you all know So in the same petticoat we also do not get cotton fabric which is a very good thing and if I talk about the colors in it, then we see this irritating color and but if you want dark color in it then you can see There is some way you go to packing and in this you can see that the whole bar coding system is going to be set up for the whole six pieces, so it is available here that means you should not have any problem if you sit at home.

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Variety If you order, all screenshots have to be taken, so the numbers given, you have to send a saver message or call so that you can get all the information here. Now you get it from the mother of light colors, so you can see this, so in this way you get light colors too, you are going to get the colors which are used daily routine spoon because if we can color like this So you all know that in the rolls routine, that use becomes successful means that the customers who are there come and take away but if we can make some such colors which are used in a very short time then there are varieties If you keep less then it is good that you will always get the same suggestion from us that keep the variety which is used in Delhi and season wires means that the wedding season is going on right now, Ramadan is going to come in dispute, then the whole collection Keep what is worldwide so that we are demanded but whatever comes from us very well, then you can see that you are going to get a lot of ladies collection here, so here you can see a lot of variety sarees inside it. You get that sari, so how are you going to get Bhandara in the retail company that it means the saree in New Delhi.

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Rinted collection comes that is body piece is cut and after that also great saree is washed in it also there is Nagin saree collection but in some way you can see that you get turn saree in it but whatever variety you want From here you have to take the full one size, that is put here in our Seoul setting, so that’s why you stay connected like this and it is beneficial for our beans because we have to add the color combination which is a manufacturer. All of them are available and in the same way you will not go from here only after checking, you also get boiler side business related ideas from here, then sometimes I come to Surat once, when visit the Kesaria Textile Company because the station is at a distance of vitamins, Bhairav in Trisandhyeshwar 3032 in Millennium Market.

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Where you can definitely see the river thing that happens, till then we can anyone Till then they don’t give guarantee and our hope also get pick up and drop facility so that he can easily get it that you all know that Suraj who is Kesaria Textile Company is biggest back in business Brokers are also available, then you get the facility for that, all these efforts can see a lot of selection, now the thing is that you get what is from us and India’s test is available but because it comes language So for that, here you get sales executives in one option language, that means from where do you live, whether it is Maharashtra or Punjab or you are going to get celebrity in all languages from anywhere, that too offline and online too. So that even if you go here, you can easily do the purchasing. So in the same way, you can do all the variety by visiting our Kaya Kesaria Textile Company’s YouTube channel, when the video shot by sight looks good, then subscribe the channel bell so that you get the notification of more lemons and all the remedies and you join like this Stay tuned and much more for that, if you want to see, then you must do all the things by racing on the I button, then stay connected with us in this way, whatever business is with us and rightly your circle is our best wishes, then you get some new collection. Thanks for watching!

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