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Saree Manufacturer in Delhi: What are you getting printed, here you are going to get the zari border in such a way that the design given is something of the type of artwork like the colors that are in Holi, what is the village you get Hello, how am I Himanshi Do not think from the textile company and once again with a new direction, I warmly welcome you all, as soon as you do not think, you get all this variety light differently here and new direction means that if you have business related if If you want any ideal, then how do you get them here in the textile company, so the variety that I have brought today, this saree is coming inside it, but every time you see a bridal who sees a glitter Banarasi silk saree But the variety that is going to happen today means that cotton is going to be praised inside cotton.


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If the necklace is folded by two or the suit material remains very much in choice, then after the ad-election For many more information about the number given on your screen, how we have to call, definitely go with us, so now we start the saree is going to be a cotton saree inside it, cotton cotton so you can see that This is a very cute collection, here you are going to get it inside the cotton, you can see what you get printed, here you are going to get the zari border in this way but we are going to have this catalog by name.


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As you can see it is full cotton so cotton you all know that after crying it becomes even more soft so if you are using such variety just you must input then you can see that top ok ok ok you are going to get a circle blouse with the length, in this way you go to the blouse, in whichever you are going to get compulsary, what is the need of new designs and designs are going to be a lot of suits of cotton Even inside, you can see that this is the color that has been given a perfect match, meaning that green has not been colored with orange. It looks very nice and the design given here is something like the colors which are in Holi or you get some concept here, then you can see that there is a very cute collection and design too. Apart from this, you can see the warden WhatsApp, through this spoken design of the type has been given, you get a round round shape here, with a different color but whatever color you get here, you get all the regular Basis colors are the same, you get the same designs here, the designs are going to be full because how Ray Textile Company is a manufacturing company, so whoever comes to play who comes, brings the accordion of the train so that your business visa progresses like this.


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So they do new design and act this saree is going to be inside fuel cotton and very soft which means first of all the one which is folding you can see how much soft is getting in the veins and it Whether the sari is official or whether it is a concept in a party, it looks very nice that it has The design given is of type artwork and we are going to see very well and here you can see the complete pattern of that type, you are going to see zari cotton, which you get the complete silver pattern here you get some In this way, you can see that you are going to get the complete background in this way, whatever is going to happen in this, the whole border concept please goes to you friend tea, but it is very important to have the print complete, so in this we can see some of the catalogue. In this way you get a catalog named Radha and you get a lot of designs here, you can see some patterns have been found in this way but whatever designs you get, some different concepts are here.


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If you are going to get this collection then stay tuned to know more about such collection, just call the number given on the screen now Valve Eye Shipping is available from us so you will not have any problem Absorbed & 10,000 Keep a budget of 20000, he has all the variety means that ladies waste what he collects that much You can order it very easily, like many comments of customers come in the comments that if I can order all the variety one by one according to its accord, then we can order it very easily so that you get to know that your area Wise how is the test going to run so that you also get the facility to set up the margin so take care of the new design and this designer which is going to be this also you will get it inside some cotton this is cotton cotton which is very superb collection It is a dream that folding is getting such a good softness inside that after doing that, it is going to feel very comfortable and you can see that in this way you will do some frills and get it complete I will do more of what you have, you get it here, but along with the people of the skirt, the lining of the zari is here, in this way you get the lining of the rambo tax, whether it is in the sun or lighting.


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It is going to give a lot of reflection, it is going to look completely different, so here you can see the way in which you get this Catalog is what is available Catalog is also very celebrated so that you can easily show what is there to the customers, how many designs are going to be there that as the designs are going to be different, in the same way you will find different colors here. It is high quality inside means that with the whole blanket, you get a set of ₹ 10 or edit it here, in which many designs and colors are all that means that if the customer will be disappointed to join with you, then not going to go at all.


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If everyone has stopped, then such qualities are called for as soon as possible, keep season wise varieties so that whatever your salary is, you continue to grow like this and you continue to progress in business and how textile seriousness is, you all know that the name is the same. No, there is also the biggest trust, where as Variitis is shown, the collection which is there is delivered to you by tomorrow, latest events Variitis You must have liked it very much, will definitely tell by commenting and come to know about many collections By clicking the button you can see the artist multiple times so that you can get updation It is known how the collection is going to be seen by you here, then how ever you come to the retail company, then definitely visit where you can see the variety of water live so that you also get to know that all India will get the test here. wala hai she gets you with very good best quality refresh that you must have liked this collection very much see you with some new collection with new variety till then thanks for watching!


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