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Hello, I Himanshi How Retail Company I warmly welcome you all with new thinking and new direction as you all know that everytime we bring a lot of variety for you that means Ladies Wear Complete Collection will bring you all at one place. We are going to tell you about so many collections every time and whenever you go to Suraj, how can I go there to the sales officer of the retail company, you get to see all the variety, every time you get to see new varieties, that means located at one place. All the designs With so many color charts and so many fabrics what designs do you get means if you are doing business then very easily you can cigarette that mosque thing is business it is that We have variety which is very important and the design in it is very important then we are able to do it to the customers, so in today’s video I have brought variety which means something is going to happen on liker page and that too sarees In the crimes that happen, by commenting, 20 will definitely keep telling you how and how you want to see the varieties or your How to know about this website, then everyone knows that sarees are worn on Mondays, vouchers also do this, as if the result has happened, this phone has become strange, you will come in many such fabrics but which is Lycra fabric, all of you Know that you are going to get a lot of sarees right now in Liker, in which you get many designs and the fabric of Lycra is very soft fabric, the fabric which is stretchable, you can find it here.

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And you can see that this whole is going to get from Pallu Khan, in this you are very good, it goes into the design, which you can see, you get the complete design of this velvet, in this way the whole people of Siroski Diamond will also bring you here But there is going to be a business glass border, we will see how you are going to get it, then you can see very well here you get the lace border in this way and you can see the pallu here The diamond design given to you looks very classic that such a variety is there. It is very much liked that the test that is done by women, you all know that every time there is a feeling of seeing something new, it remains more that they have a new variety, they like it very much, so now you You can see that the potato sari that is going to be in this color means that you get this whole saree in purple color here and you can see very good lining here you are going to get the design of super lining because like so The line that is there in the fabric, the design is very much liked and you are going to get the Always Saree in the same way, even with the blouse, you get the Saree Saree, you can see the same in the blouse piece as well. In this way you can see that you get the border of laddus properly because whatever variety of you get, very good design with complete planning and color combination if we talk about color you get many cords means that Back it also gets a set of set measures 70s, you will get many similar contacts here.

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When you can see the soldier’s judgment is very good, here you can see as much Vaseline designs as you can get in Lycra, here you get the concept in this way in this way you get the complete design of your husband in army saree. What is the best thing that you are going to get the border here How many such collections do you get from Kesaria Kesaria Textile Company with many design concepts and full cut of full CID you get in saree with blouse is also going to get only all the brightness so even if you sit at home this variety which if online If you want to order then it is a simple thing, take a screenshot of whatever brightness you like, just call us on the number given on your screen or message us now so that you get creation with periods and You know Hindi this way because you all know Know this maximum we are not able to mention you the rate because we have a lot of customers that means wholesalers go to the retailers also come but whatever customers come to our place, whoever join us with a very good faith It is added that they get a very good variety and they get full support from us at every step in the future, which means that whatever customers come here if they start their budget like 20 to 30 thousand.

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Even if he goes after purchasing, he gets so many collections in that too, but if he has started his first time Jagran campaign, then he gets in his very good review because the profit he makes, he means very good profit. That they get the full profit of 22351 very easily and sitting in such a way that whatever they get, they order online, the skin gets very good marks facilities from here according to the decision of PDF. Stay away from the online team, I swear to you right now.

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The biggest issue of this is that they do belong from somewhere, their language is that they are clever, so here you also get all the facilities that means every sales executive gets you in his own language. Do belong from anywhere Telugu Tamil Maharashtra If you belong with many such people, you have got celebrities in your own language, even if you come for purchasing, you get a very good front that you all know that if If you find someone in your own language, then you can do all the description for free from me, then how do you get many such facilities in the Kesaria Kesaria Textile Company, then you can see the very good design you will get here and off button You can see that in this way you are going to get only the diamond pattern which is the flower design, it is given in it, it looks very nice and such sarees which are fancy look are very much liked means that the party Be it according to the wear or the function which normally sleeps, there is a lot of choice in it.

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If there is a website to be done, then you can also see the border in it, very nice border in you, you can see here you are going to get some design in this way Alwar, which one you get very well Saree Saree In this you are going to get the cut of the proper card property blouse piece, so to know about many such contacts, all you have to do is the numbers given on your screen, you can add your call time but its It is also necessary to see the potato who is doing it, so in this way you get a different look, which looks very nice, you are going to get the whole fancy sarees here and you all know that even if the fancy sarees are If we talk, you get many designs and nutrition collection, if you want to know which is our eye button, on our YouTube channel, you can go there and see the fancy items of sarees that you can see how many customers have joined with us so far. It means that they get very good profit, but here we want it to be like this.

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Whenever you come to Surat but how must you visit the Kesaria Kesaria Textile Company which is only 10 minutes away from the station means that the market which you all know is a very famous market, sports the options office in 2002 on the blog I come in all the variety that can see the approval, you are going to get many such collections, that means if you want any design, if you want one ready, if you want that all you can get all India test at one place. If it goes like this, I hope you have liked the video very much, means skin parents would have liked it very much, then you can subscribe to this trick which is our channel and if you like the video, please like it. So that we also get angry that you are liking such variety or we should bring more such test for you and you will definitely keep telling us 20 through comments that you want to see more varieties or what kind of website you have If you want to know about it, then see you in the next video, blessed for the next flight for now.

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