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Blouse Wholesale Market Delhi: So today I have brought variety for you, there is going to be a stir inside the blouse, so as soon as possible, let’s see how and you like this video here Hello, I have one for you and here is the biggest benefit for you. It happens that you get but we like you collection but that you must comment so that you know how you can take if you do then like how can you bring and how you should test unity and india It is available instead of calling the number on the screen for many more details and if you should come in the mixie means that the saree suit material gets to know to the customers.


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By taking full 50% to the merchants but if you take 20% if it then you get to know very well that if we want it then as soon as possible then it is like this has been done in it and here the princess cutting if done blouse It is not that you are going to get at least princess cutting in this way, that too in this way you can see the interlock feeling, you get it from everywhere so that whatever is there or the material does not get spoiled, please like and know everyone. Complete stretchable variety, please you can see full sleeves here you get the design otherwise you get it in the back side also in the same way, then let’s look towards the next design or you can see it is going to happen inside the cotton but the whole Stable variety is there, you can see that it is completely stretchable, the material will be used very well and here you can see that the stitching given in the varieties, you also get the color accordion, so the thing that is in the net every time Neither can you see it as simple as possible, but here which is going to be Marathi today, nor can you get the design of the entire flight.


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You are going to get many more contacts inside it, stay here like this, keep watching the internals and varieties of this video, any collection you like, it is simple you have to take a screenshot, the number in your skin, you just give a call and Have to join with us so that online time zones give you complete support, that means what is going to be its price, how much color combination you are going to get because you all know and once articles otherwise we can not tell you the price because We have one month left, we want many customers, there are also wholesalers and retailers, some have to do business from home, so customers join us, so if we would have told you the price of each variety, then you also know that you have a problem yourself.


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If it happens, how will you be able to set up the business, then you are looking towards the new design, then you are looking at the collection very well, you can see the color, whatever color I have brought for you, you are going to get something different and in this What is done in the design is not it you are going to get rubber print and Rubber Prince, you all know how much you voice but it is not going to be spoiled, then visit your business in Marathi and here you can see, please, you get some different patterns, today here you have this story. And breaking such patterns are also very much liked because ladies all of you know that he is not doing as much as he is doing in preaching, nor is he getting more ready than that, if any variety is found, then speaking time is needed now, then your business should do it.


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Suit Saree Party Wear Color Combination You are getting designs you get 500 plus concepts in each embroidery so as you can see very nice design with neck designs because it is in design pattern over full belly. You can see and on top of this, in this way, you get the type of type you get, but in the same way you get the police force and size, so it goes but in this you need double excel size in size, you need it all the time. Look at this, we are going to live in this way, so we will show you the variety By the way, the alarm price also changes that you all know that even if we go to get the saree, then we will get it too, but the app design will change, even if the price is different, then the button will be new. Design because you can see that the way you are going to get a very new pattern here, so everyone can see the complete sequence pattern is given inside it and here you can see which type of sequence goes to you That means that you can use the overall look completely traditional inside the golden and such varieties are very much liked, so if you want oil in it, then you will also have a new concept in your own, now you must be thinking this is absolutely It’s a simple potato but not because it’s going to happen because it can’t be seen that it is a very cute design. Golden color fabric has also been used in this. You can enter people even after typing which top was completed.


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The feeling goes like this and the material schedule that Bigg Boss customers come, don’t stay connected like this 90% which is how. Tum stays with us like this today because the variety which quality is the best but with the same all India test is available at one place, so the customer does not need to go anywhere else, once definitely come to Surat, pick up and end. Drop that you get the facility but with the same if you don’t come in Direct Referrals Office you can see all the variety of some fields by doing sales one Executive you get a Personally all the remedies according to your test are going to be shown to you here, you are going to feel like you are happening, you will feel only like your shop is there, you have to do only 25 days from there but that’s it The minimum budget is 10,000 to 20000, keep all the variety you get in wholesale but no order is given here for this You can see that in a way you are going to get a lineage, you get a lot of colors inside it and if you keep such variety, you all do not know when who will test which color test oh when who likes which design So look at this, in this way, here you get the designer who is going to store the collection, which diseases do you have in some different videos but if you are not here then you will get some other designs here but you are in the video.

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everything this way get this thing has been taken care of If you are going to get half such software, then you are going to get many more patterns inside cotton, you get complete princess cutting but please you can see it has been used but below you get more tight divine So you are going to get many such collections, how is it a party in the textile company that if we get all the remedies, then very soon the number you will give on the screen, you have to call and join us but no one If you want to know more about the person, then do comment so that we also know which collection you are liking. The timing which I would like to tell you once is 10 reasons, which is the time till 8.30 pm, whatever you come here, you get it in your language so that no problem is going to come and you will give your favorite things and the matter is suffering. That which you get through our online, then I will give you their vitamins. I would like to tell you that there is a time from 10:00 to 7:00 pm, whichever smart we ever message or call, it is very easy to receive and you get the update of a collection very easily. And stay like this by clicking on the I button with us you can see many more variety if there are varieties this year through batter video call you can see then stay tuned we will meet you with some new collection as well as variety then thanks for watching!

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