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The Largest Saree Manufacturer: It is best for a cotton that the summer is coming, so cotton is going to last a lot, this material is going to be the complete look of the satin bandage, you get the full look of the satin bandage, you get all this variety inside the phone too. Hello sir I am Himanshi how I have appeared for you once again with new thinking and new direction from Kesaria Textile Company but every time I keep bringing a lot of variety for you but today I have brought varieties but Our juice is ad office, we are going to do its complete tool, that means what are the varieties and what is the new concept, what do you get, then you can see that first we are seeing only a cotton and for cotton Best of all, summer is coming, so cotton is going to last a lot and whatever is outside, it is neither cotton and told all of you that it doesn’t have a lot of designs, you can see the whole Angry People get you right now with plastic Meera and there are lots of collections in it too but whatever variety you get if you order Ghar A Poor It is going to be state wise because our apk file sharing is done in the middle that every time it happens that we call for single piece but single piece is not delivered from us so let’s move towards design You can see this man who is again one and inside that you get in check pattern you are going to get with blouse piece next also you get touchup of bandari and in this way you will get packing Price is price that if we talk then bar coding system is going to be the price in which we show the same price if you chat online, do offline but keep the minimum budget of 10,000 to 20000 so that such varieties of you can order even sitting at home. And worldwide shipping is available from us, this is nothing to worry about, so you can see cigarettes in this that if I talk, you can see that in this way you are going to get the whole bar coding system inside the color Variety from the piece that gets started and 10:30 if we get a platform for it, then I will be in only one place. How many designs go in sh, so you can get so many designs inside a single platform, then do business of clothes, if you feel like a sari, then definitely keep such a collection and talk about packing in it, then there are many other ways.


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You go to the packing yet catalog because what kind of catalog is a must need thing in which we need customer whenever they come they don’t see the quality but the first question that is how much design we got You can see how much all the colors are going to be there, in this way you also get premium collection inside cotton, inside which design concept, now you get different different colors also very special and like this here You can see that if I talk about pure cotton, then you get something like this in pure cotton, now go ahead and a lot of variety is going to go inside it, wrap saree is also a demandable thing, then you see this. You can go to the website in this way, you are going to get many patterns but all Variety is what you are going to get bench vice because we do not just do whole selling here, so as you can see life testing is going on in every variety which is our sales executive very easily from here. Let us update what the price is going to be, which fabric you are going to get that brother, when we do the business of clothes, neither should I know the fabric, what is the quality of the fabric going to be, what is the design how much we have If you are going to get the website design, then let’s move forward, but before that I would definitely like to tell you in one thing that if you want to do a hot clothes business, then first of all we have to come to sell, not buy, how varieties are available to us. Have to keep it because it is necessary to take care of the customers, only then you come on our business line and similarly we who go on making progress in our business, so here you can see that now Rasuka is also very much like the tester. Will go and see at this time you can laugh very sweetly You get the stock of designs, Moon rise in the catalog is going to be catalog name, we tell you so that if you like any variety live, then take a screenshot, the numbers on the screen are given, you have to call and how If you want to be associated with the Kesaria Textile Company like this, then let’s go ahead, here you will see all the new collections, after I am showing you, only I am giving you a demo that how the designs are going to be available to you and its I am going to get a special video for this, but once you get an update that and what kind of variety you get inside the office, then here you can see something very cute in this way like this material is going to be satin bandage You get the complete look of it, but the design given here is not the peacock feather, you are looking for a very sweet design inside and we would like to open it and show it because it is looking very cute design when I like it so much If it is coming, you are about to come, so you can see this is a very nice color, the design is so everything.


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Summoned that as variety would have been added to it, you get such words here and here you can see that even inside chiffon, you get all this variety inside which you can see something in this way in your design. It is known that you are going to get an accordion of brush painting with our Nilesh border and here you can see only what you are typing as if you want, you are going to get such varieties under one roof which is Mumbai Saree gets its full stock, there is no need to go anywhere else, an ugly come how to visit Kesaria Textile Company, you get the facility of pick up and drop very easily that you all know that Suraj is textile The biggest place of the company, where you also get many brokers and we are not able to get updates about the variety properly, then here you are thinking of going there, once you go and visit so that such varieties of many If you can buy it easily, then you can see that the fancy design you get inside the pattern. Goes here, see Uttarakhand Step Jhalar Bhai Sahib, you get the whole people here, but you can see that many hand concepts are going to be available, but if we keep the variety, how many designs go in the saree as well. If you get so many materials, then you are going to get variety according to each segment like till now we have seen weight loose sarees but now we have killed Banarasi within hours, here you are going to get late designs that big The name of the sub-traditional comes, then the name song at the top is only of the bridal sari, so inside it you can see what you are going to get inside a very cute cotton silk in this way.


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I update the designs, just want to tell you the designs because your people are going to make special video songs for this from the whole new collection and you can see the colorful patterns you get the packing if I talk about the whole bench vice you are going to get single If we don’t have heart in peace then any variety If you order, you will place a top order of less than 10,000, then here you can see that now all the variety has become traditional according but if Bollywood is necessary, then here you need in Marathi neither you are going to get it here but by going First the whole thing goes to you in such a way that you are going to get what you see that you can do but it is necessary to keep and first let’s see so this is something you get in this way, to get its update as soon as possible and torch light, take its update so that you can know what other varieties you should improve in your business, so now when we have seen the variety For this, by opening it, let’s see how you are going to get it, then you can see that bra-less border is going to be found in embroidery, small and big board, which is just walking the train, you get the pattern of earrings type here. If you have a similar collection which is Factory Reddy, you are going to get all these varieties inside and see special things like bridal, while turmeric is also needed for sari, then you also get a single piece, what many designs are there inside it too? All you are going to get, talking about cotton, new varieties have come for you inside cotton, you are going to get the latest designs and with the same cotton, then it is very important to turn Khadi inside it, so you can see it. Inside Cotton also goes in Marathi as she is the most liked thing inside its record And as you can see if you go ahead in this saree, you are going to get many varieties and especially this dam that if I talk about whether it is Gujarat or Rajasthan, but it is not only two strata, then this test in All India. Dena is going to be very much liked, so now we go inside the segment of what has happened to sarees where you can see the protein it has in Delhi with the premium collection, you also get only one note from it. Even if it is starting, then even if I talk about the variety of kurti, then you can see that in this way you get the concept cotton inside, along with the guava districts, the sleeves go together with you, so I see you Can we talk about chanderi cotton, then in this also you are going to get the catchup of its diamond in the same way, in the same way you get it here and like this, the kurti of chicken work grows in this way.


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Chicken is a very high demand double thing right now, that is, improve it as soon as possible because it will give you margin. He will not be able to meet anything and with this you can see simple daily routine, kurti, then you all know that rolls are also liked, in that send you thousand more designs or you will get one face like here But you can see that there is an increase of two percent like I told that the sample of two pieces is provided to you by the Kesaria Textile Company, then you are going to get many designs for this idea if you want figure print inside the cotton then you can see a lot. You get this soft material Africa print with satin positive border concept so here you can see that we have arrived but In fashion but special thing is not like I told you can see all variety through video call so here you can see through video call our sales executive very easily explain to them how to get variety of What is the fabric going to be what price you are going to get, so here you can see what American if we talk but in this the setting up of 350 does not kill it, but starting grade is also important. Chatting red is also necessary, so here we start hundreds from above and you can see inside that you get a lot of variety in the plazo, you should send the line or want the first pattern, then you get all the contacts from one place. So moving towards the next flight, there are many designs in the saree as of now, so you can see that the mother of the saree goes in a closed pattern in this way, inside the white color, you need a leia in the dam or someone else Whatever app you want, then you are going to get it at the factory rate, that too. All the variety is going to be found inside the wholesale itself, so when we see so many varieties, comment as soon as possible and tell which collection you liked very much, then it grows like this, now it is dead in the blouse segment. You must be seeing which blouse and stitching variations here, you are going to get it here in complete 299 if it starts, then yes only nose means that it is getting very effective rate inside, I have already joined a lot.


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The only good benefit is that the price is also available on a very good business and the color design means that you are going to get the store here, so here you can see that this preaching which is going to be Marathi, in this way you can gift If you find that there is a sequence pattern in it or it is very classic means that if you route it in your business according to the crop top, then it is going to fail immediately and here you can see that you also have something like this. You can see the packaging, the design can be seen clearly, the colors you are going to get less now Let’s go ahead in some way, if I talk to the bridal mother’s chunari, then you get that too, starting in just ₹ 5, you get so many designs, so now we have killed where inside the dupatta reaction. If you have Banarasi concept then here you can find chikan and ki kurti which or any variety which you get from one place, then here you can see something like this you get dupatta inside and najmeen fabric for embroidery with printing You get the look, you get the sequence pattern, if the chunari of the bridal look is necessary, then whatever you get, only thirty five forms are started, then move on, you must be thinking and any variety here If you are going to get the complete collection of Leway then it is found here, now one more thing is left for Night its collection so here you can see Night in it you get some packing in this way Very good- You are going to get good design inside it, here you can see that you are going to get this completed Now the bar coding system is going to be there and you can see that the starting red which is 150 notices, we have started here, so the variety is not over yet, you will get inside the fuel cotton, stay with us like this because how Kesaria Textile Company you get wall designs from one place, so first of all we take a look at the lehenga, then you can see that in this way you also get street lehenga packing, you get it very well Bridal Jo If I talk about the use of Banarasi, then which app is going to get a lot and you can also order this saree Marathi DJ single piece, you are going to get everything in the factory rate but if there is a manufacturing then whatever Marathi if you If you order sitting at home, then you have to order the whole date wise in wholesale itself, then you have to purchase all this variety, so now you have been there suit material inside suit material which is every woman’s favorite thing that you can buy from one place.

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A lot of meaning is printed or talk in this way if the fabric is cotton then Pakistani print Pakistani here you get different patterns, you can see this very unique design you get and here I will talk about the design of the suit, you will get tired of watching but the variety is not going to end with us and Pakistani If I talk, you will not believe, only know that whatever happens, you have to call the number as soon as possible, so as we have seen many but what you have not even seen, how can you see inside Kesaria Textile Company It is going to mean that in the design of the type, you get the suit material inside, so till now you have seen our entire sales office where you can purchase all the variety that is available here by yourself but it is very less suppressed right now. So many more are going to be made and we are going to get a lot of space now that means Marathi when we are getting so much then you get all the variety day by day statement, here you just need to see come here and Whatever is in your language, you get it in the sales executive, so far we have seen this suit Pateria That variety should not be seen from anywhere inside you, you get such words only inside but you get it, so far you have seen our entire city office where we keep bringing new varieties every time for you and this Sometimes you are going to get more new which means that what is the Ladies Rekha Complete Collection, you do not get it complete and now even more space is going to increase in our place that Bahraich which is lacking somewhere, is it not now? Also, which double you are going to get here that when the voltage of the customers is being found here, then just satisfied ok, you will go from here and the collection which you can easily come here once and go through the purchase of the customers also you see the test And at the same time, whatever is there, once they fall, neither the collections go as soon as they are found sitting at home in the morning, you just have to purchase, sell, earn margin and progress in your business because whenever it is small or big and clothes Business is business and support is needed that we talk about how the Kesaria Textile Company is going to support you at every step. The customer needs from here are ninety percent connected because they don’t just buy from here. Question: If you get your business related ideas from here, I would like to say the same thing in the last, whatever varieties of order. And all you have to do within the wholesale itself, you get all the varieties from one place, the complete question of lady’s way worldwide shipping is available from us, so today you have done the complete breakdown of our sales officer. You must have got the information, how you get updates on the design here, how celebrities from here tell you all the variety through video calls, but if you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, then as soon as possible. Must subscribe on YouTube channel so that you will get the latest updates of new designs but together whenever we play some Chinnu kaun kaun ki sakte hai to you, you can get the updates as soon as possible and from you our sales officer channel which will grow even more. is going to mean more The complete collection is available in more designs range, but if I talk about flower collection, then you are also going to get the statement which is going to grow even more. Now we will do similar institutes in business because you are going to get the variety from here in the same way that test runs in your profitable all India, nor do we keep bringing that test for you, so stay with us like this many more variety In this, once in the coming time, we are going to bring back the tour of sales office for you, in which you are going to see many more segments, then you will meet them with the new collection because the variety that we have brought is coming with the collection. So stay tuned till then but do comment because I don’t get any more ideas while commenting, thank you for that.

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