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Suit Manufacturers in Surat: Welcome Friends Hello Description Come Himanshi How Retail Companies We warmly welcome all of you every time we bring some special varieties for you but today the variety which is going to be suit material is going to be for snake in which you will get very beautiful head design Only one ₹ 5 starts is done, you get such variety and printing designs in it, then first of all we start the princess, so you can see that in this way you get complete exemption of chicken work, the material dies and in this You can see how beautifully this saree digital printing you get the cut worker complete phone tape in the bottle and in the same way now this whole pattern is going to be found inside the sequence even then its going to be the dupatta In this way you get it very beautifully You get the designs here Me only for this and when you have to miss the number given on the screen to know about the collection, then now let’s move on to the next design which is going to be in heavy pattern very beautiful white tones are here You can see the double chain and border you get, the design on the neck is that very nice stones that you get and likewise in this suit material and see here in tomato which Reliance that you will get It is very good and juice is going to be mixed with it.

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It is going to be good with complete embroidery design and you can see the full mark on the dupatta, you can see the mark you get, you are going to get the border equipped in the same way from all around and it is very good to get the whole world cup here If you go, you get all the collections like this, but sit for free for many more information if you do the purchasing. If you don’t want to simply call the numbers given on the screen, you just have to call us and join the pack with us, even then you can see that in the same way you are going to get this rewarded diamond you are going to get on top and bottom of it. You can see that you are going to get the complete Daman Works, along with the complete embroidery work, you get the designs of the stones and here you can see that this is going to be a complete catalog by all the names and very good time meter complete you water. You are going to get two and a half meters somewhere, you get the complete length of the kurti, from here we would like to see this scarf too, it is going to be very good, the full symbol on the basis of the scarf you will get, you can see the complete cut of two and a half meters in it. For complete, you are going to get lace water, the way you get it from all sides and you can see it in this also you are going to get embroidery design and if you ever come to Surat, then how to visit this Kesaria Textile Company once Which is only 10 minutes away from the station, which means that you will meet in the market too.

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You can see live that as long as we have all the variety till then you all know that we can not believe then you must take a look and we will move towards new designs blouse designs then You have got it very well that means the Sirowski diamond you are going to get over the black and in it, you get it properly in this way you can see that you are going to get the whole kurti from the suit material. You get that 300 plus Siroski Diamond all over the valley and the pattern that has been made here is very beautiful in this way and you get the water well which is going to be in some way in this way. Found means the combination that you are going to get is very perfect combination here you get, the biggest advantage of being a manufacturer is that a lot of Aamir designs are available and whatever variety you take from here. The whole has to be taken according to the lineage, that means you can take as many varieties as you can but here we have If the lead goes for selling, then you must take care of it, for the rest and many more information, now the numbers are given on the screen, you just have to call me and join the director, all the rest of the information is ours.

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If you get it through the online team, then I will definitely tell you by commenting and how this Kesaria Textile Company is our YouTube channel, then you can definitely visit our YouTube channel, here you can see all the variety. Because ladies did not have a complete collection of it is available here, then you can see that you are going to get many kurti designs here, the suit material is that you need heavy pattern in semi box also you want printing designs, then each variety of This plazo set up to get Pakistani press and many Patiala suits if you want, then you also get it here that only 150 ₹ 5 starts, so if you want to do business sitting at home then minimum With a cost of 15000 to 25 thousand you can We can startup so that whatever our business is, it can earn a lot of profit that till now it is getting tuesday, so keeping this in mind, I should bring my Tubelight to it even more, even then you can see something like this From this you get the packing like this force is going to get its complete set, you get a lot in this way, similarly if we talk about print, you can see in the printer, in this way you can get this printed designer here But you get the complete color chart a.

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You are going to get the whole printed one which is going to be designer, you get it with very good design concept and world shipping is available from us here as if you are any Also live in real means that if you live in any corner of India, delivery is done very comfortably from here, so hope you will like all these varieties very much if you ever go to sun Let me tell you the dream schedule in the morning, from where you get the facility of pick up and drop and You have a driver through the same, you come to pick up from the station, so you liked it more, now you can order online sitting at home, if you want to see it, you can also watch it through video call, then meet with this We will ride with it next time in the next video. Thank you for that.

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