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Heavy Work Sarees Suppliers: Hello, I Himanshi how retail companies warmly welcome you all back with new thinking and new direction but the video which is going to happen today but today is going to be Tubelight I want to show that she can also see inside the saree then there are many collections you must be looking at in which you must have liked the designs very much but right now you must be thinking that its worth but to know the price You stay with us like this and you keep seeing the variety that we have, first because there are many varieties that you are going to like very much, then without taking much time, start the fruit which is going to be variety. Like you are going to get all very beautiful patterns, you can see that it is a very nice color, you are going to get a very dark color, but now you can see the pattern, you get the Puran Lahariya pattern, you get it inside America and complete golden color work you’re gonna get and here’s what you can see that Very interesting and that you are going to get the design and here it has been given which can be like Modi, which is going to look very beautiful, you are going to get you and I can see you friends in the same way. It means that the collection is going to be a lot, a lot of variety is available, all the buttons of the blouse are available, so you can see that very beautiful is going to be found in the back side and here you can see what you get. It means that to know about many such collections going to be available from both sides, you have to call the subscriber number, then you can see that the color is very cute collection, you can see how attractive the color is. Designs are like the colors which are different, this is the variety, so if you are doing business, then definitely include the use of such varieties because the festival season is going on, I can say with hundred percent guarantee that your The margin which is very good you can see the pee the whole lace border is going to add In this way you get the complete set of stones and if we talk about lover sari, you get 300 plus stones and in booties you can see how many wonderful combinations it means with a whole pearl like stone.


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Along with stones like kundan, I am going to get you, that means there are so many varieties in the stones, so the ones who are a manufacturer take a lot of care of all these things that how we should make the varieties, what kind of collection the customers will like. Because the test of All India is complete, how you get it in the Kesaria Textile Company itself, so you can see that here we are going to get a lot of this back pattern of blouse, you will get complete embroidery lock of kundan work. You are going to get the lens, you get the complete touchup, that means if you need a blouse piece with a sari, then if you want a separate blouse, then friends, I get you here but you just have to do it sitting at home too. If you shop online, then you just have to enter the number on the screen.


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If you like Marathi to all of these given, take a screenshot of it, send the photo on the number given on the screen and we also get the decision of drinking from here so that you can give a color combination to the customers. If you are able to show it well then what is going to be the new design soon, but till now you must be thinking that the price is going to happen but before that we first see the website, the new collection of this saree has come from whatever design it is. Perfect fridge designs, we are telling you that you are going to get the complete heavy pattern, which is semi-pattern here, so you can see these sarees have a very nice border, you are going to get here you can see the stones in golden color. Proper stones from here but when roti is made here it also looks very good with other districts of golden color, you can see the warden concept, in the same way you are going to get complete English people, you get these stones properly because The feeling of the stones is also very important because the variety It happens that if you are also running voting, then you can definitely keep such varieties of and collection that if I talk about it, every time in IT you get 500 blood designs that there is a manufacturing company for 40 years, how is the Kesaria Textile Company then which Variety is also made here, many designs are available in it, so you can see that now this blouse pattern is going to be a very great design, you get a very beautiful design in the back side, you get the stones properties, typing that you see This property is not related to you typing so everyone gets it with very nice design and if you ever come to surat then definitely visit a quid one seminar which station cigarette is 1 minute away that means You will meet in the market at 032 from the block side, where you can see whatever you are facing, but at any time tell your schedule because the facilities that you are going to get from here, you also get that very big of all of you.


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There many manufacturing company but not one name Kesaria Textile Company Not only this, but you get a great confidence in yourself, if you connect very good quality products with any customer, then you are going to be associated with you in the future because we have customers here, they are all old customers. We stay connected back and forth, they stay connected because you get quality, along with it you get bad support, just like this and many more if you take steps, I will do more of the business and you will get a website about it. If you want to know, then you just have to call the number given on this screen and tell us by commenting, so soon it is going to be very wonderful in many new designs coming soon, everyone can see how cute design you are going to get. Like the design which is party wear concept, what coding it is very perfect loop can see the whole overall which is going to be locked, it is going to be something different, so here you can see the flower design is going to be complete of guava You get the touch, but you get the work of the stones in it. That is something you get in the seams pattern which looks very nice, that means how are you sir id is not there, we see a lot of games and you get it in this very light color also having color So right now you can see what is going to be its complete design, you are going to get a complete pro in the saree, in the same way you can also see the British getting the designs of the whole beauties, you can see how wonderful it is, so now its blouse piece.


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You can see the blouse piece as I have just told you the collection of loss saree, not much variety but whatever variety I tell you, the whole back part of the blouse is going to be available to you with the least definition that There are customers who like it very much or big, then we also take full care of the customers because what is the proper test of All India, how does the Kesaria Textile Company mean that you get it at one place and in ladies You are going to get a complete collection of clothes, but right now you must be thinking that we should start the business of clothes. But how much we should keep the budget, keep a maximum budget of 20000 to 25000 with us, in which you can keep a complete collection of ladies that you all know that it is very important to start a startup, that too there is a lot of clothes business inside the vigilance. But it is available in a lot, it is just to know that whatever customers are there area wise, how can we sell them, how can we know what we test money, then just you according to their own test. Take all the variety, the customers will join like this and you have your business like this, if you continue to oppose from the front, then I hope you liked all this design very much, but the last design that is now is going to be very season So as soon as possible, now he would like to see how that design is going to be, so let’s see so you can see that he will feed a lot, the pattern is color combination and you can see the job, you are going to get the complete detail you will get. Design is found in this way and the whole boy and a girl is going to be found but this You can see the border that you are going to get, you get the design of the whole tiles, that too with multiple colors and worse you can see that the design given to you is the guava look, we get the stones which texture first you get the property. It goes so that even half a drink of semi work looks heavy and if you do business like this, normally if you do business, it is a boutique or you can do tissue or if you are doing business carefully, then definitely keep such varieties of it.


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So now without taking much time, let me tell you what the rate is going to be, so the rate that you all know that there is a printed sari, we get ₹ 1 starting here, but who stops such a heavy, it is only If it starts at Rs 150, then it means that so many varieties are going to be found here, but the one who is going to sleep on the blouse can see that very good people are going to get this, which means that the pipe in Indore sari is the same. In which bra blouse do you go, I am going to get you the notice of the whole embroidery, which means that there are many such things. You can see how many designs you can see from the make video, which I can not tell you in the make video, so send your skin to the given number, now you can call the director, join us so that our online time He gets full support that you are going to get the laughing variety of what his budget is going to be and how and how, which are according to your test, you get all that here, I hope the design will give you a lot. It would have been nice to have all this variety that you can do online shopping even sitting at home, so if you have liked the video, then you can add a wish to your customers from the front so that they also know what the design is. If it goes like this, stay connected with our YouTube channel, you are going to get the notification of the new design, then see you with the next variety in the next video, thank you for watching!

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