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Designer Suits Manufacturers: Hello, I Himanshi, I warmly welcome you all with new thinking and new direction in the retail company that we bring many varieties for you, we keep on presenting the variety which is new for the new concept of so that if you do business. If you are, then we also know how you should keep all the varieties, how and the test has come, how and the design is going to be liked by the customers, so keeping this in mind, you all know that we are here only from red. It is dealt with in gender itself, means all the varieties, you have to take the records of the lineage, as you can see, in this way you are going to get the whole lineage, that issue, you get a set of prizes, colors that you get good You also get good designs so that customers are very much impressed on seeing that customers know that they like the same thing which attracts them a lot, you are doing business for everyone, that too clothes of business and testing of customers in it until the customer is more and more attracted If they do not know, then without taking much time, let’s start now, today’s variety is going to be some suit material on it, which is a very beautiful pattern today I am going to show you, then let’s start subscribe. It is going to suit the material in such a way and that you are going to get complete, very beautiful all the patterns are colors that you are going to get very nice here and what I would like to show you first in the first page, you can see I abuse The name is going to be the name of the catalog and with that you get the complete catalog so that if you like it in variety, I can message you easily by taking a screenshot of it, then you can see the whole list in this way. You get the embroidery work only properly mix of his diamond Singh Irshad you are going to get the complete design and in the same way you are going to get the whole Siroski diamonds which are looking very good means titan is also very good and that too to you This is the cotton fabric which is going to be found which is very classic fabric you will get this Cotton is such a fabric that is very much liked in every design at all times, then you can see all in the same way and you are going to get the same work and bottom if we talk then in the bottom You get it only in Shimla color, in some way you can see that you are going to get the full two and a half meter cut in it, you get the full time meter cut in the kurti, whereas if we talk about the dupatta, then it will give you the complete cut.

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The symbol is going to be found on the fabric, now you can see that in this way you get a scarf and in the air you are going to get the embroidery work in the same way and whatever variety you get from our suit material, then look in it now. Can Apple Cider which app is going to get complete li, you can see that you have been given the complete look of the satin bandage in it, a very beautiful pattern is also very good Varieties Many such varieties of quid would have been found in the company in a year That too with a very good price, now you must be wondering what the price is going to be, then you can design and watch for it. Stay tuned you have to see many more designs that till now it is just starting if you are going to get very good Marathi then due to new design designers can see very nice pattern color you can see There is a dark color which looks very nice and now looking at it, you are going to get the work on the neck in such a way that you get the double border sir design, in this way and now we see the whole variety, I will give you the complete cut time.

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You can see the bottom of this border, you can see the whole embroidery work you get in golden color, you get the chap on it in lover kurti and very beautiful pattern means how the variety which is there looks very beautiful you can see You are going to get the complete heavy work in this, you get the touch of the stones and you also get the stones of many designs, that means you get all this work within a week, that is the biggest thing and now you You can see that it is about to be released, in this way you are going to get full You get the umbrella cut in this way and you can see that here you get the complete design of the net which is in the bottom, that means all over which this variety is going to be when the customers take us from here and Love you all the world is a boob Completely he feels very good, only we know that the demand which increases so much for us that the variety of clothes which give them so well is the same thing that women get all Things that happen in a completely new concept, then you can see that you are going to get complete all-rate embroidery work in this too, who can see the border, every variety, I am going to get you from Border Khan in an easy way in golden color and British you can see its design for samosas, you get it completely, the wires are in the water all around, so many such products, we keep showing you how in the Kesaria Textile Company, you like you and you also give your opinion. Do share, then like this if you have all this variety, you can order sitting at home.

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If you want to do this simple thing, you have to call the director on the number given on your screen and dip with us, whatever variety you like, you can get all the designs you want from here that All India If you get the test at one place, then soon you are going to get a lot of designs on the neck line, which means that you are going to like it very much, now you can see that in this also you are going to get the work done in this way. You get the embroidery work, you get the touchup of the stones, you are going to get it in every variety for complete that the same thing happens in that which is beautiful, it takes four moons, then you can see that very good you will get here Exam cotton you get all this and at the same time you are going to get water and here you can see this is going to be the name of the entire catalog named Prime Time One and complete this complete embroidery work with a lot of pension The powder concept is going to be available, you can see what double border you are going to get and complete with that And you get booties very quickly and with great beauty and every variety in this, whatever variety of our stale suit material we take, in that complete you are going to get a cut of two and a half meters of kurti and with the same It is going to be at the bottom, in that too you get the complete diameter card in every variety and in that we also see that the scarf which is going to be there, it looks very nice, that means you are liking the color very much.

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You can see how good color goes in you, you can also find it in china fabric and you can see that very good beauties with a beauty you get here and here you can see whose border look you like You are going to get something in this way very good Ali is feeling very good border concept, you get it here, so to know about many such collections you can directly connect with us on this screen Numbers are given, you have to call us and whatever variety you like from it, your screen Not only the numbers given, you have to take a screenshot of it, we have to message it, you get the decisions of all generations and rate of each variety that you know that you have different rates of a variety, then you should be good. From that, you get complete information from our online team, so soon in the new design, the neck design is going to be very good, you can see that here too you will get the double stone border concept, you can see the top of the neck. In this you will get the complete work of CR his diamond finance you can see very nice pattern very heavy variety you are going to get here very nice design which packing material inside you would die in crossing design Yes, you also get embroidery work, just do its diamond whenever you get it and you can see on yourself, this pattern has been made very beautifully means that we are also the road network, the designer of France, you are going to get zero scheme Here you get a very good pattern in the pattern of With the design concept, the customers like the material that they sleep in, because the festival season is going on now, then such varieties must be kept because the variety that we have in it, the demand increases a lot and from If you get a very good profit in the penis, then you can see that it is going to be added because in this way you are going to get complete with complete stitching and you can see here you get cut and quarter very Fitted with good nectar design, the variety is semi, you have to install and otherwise, if you know stitching, then you can comfortably do the stitching sitting at home, after that you can complete it with whatever it is.

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There is more profit in it because it happens and stitching variety is available, so now’s generation you all know that the whole Marathi light is very good for them, so keep such varieties of it and women who do business sitting at home. Tabbing is doing this stitching Do keep the varieties in such a way that the color combinations sleep, this is the design and to know about many more designs, the simple thing to know about the number given on your screen, you just have to call on our side, you have to join and then you have to join us here. You get all the information from the online team, you can see very interesting work, now the water has been given to you, you are also going to get a scarf in China, you get all the booties in it, which means that you have such varieties. Everyone knows that the festival season is going on, the wedding season is going on, so you must keep such varieties, with very good profits, all this variety goes to you and how this tractor company is the only company that does the business of clothes. But along with being a manufacturer, whatever customers leave us here, if we see from us, then today we have taken a plate for their health in their business and how they should keep the design, how should we keep all the information here. You suffer from that through you are sent completely So that whatever new product comes, you already get the information, then soon you are going to get very good in the neck design in the new design, in this way you can see the complete embroidery work with stones in it.

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You get the touch and every variety is like I told you that here S2 stickers are kept, on top of that you get the entire catalog name mention only then you can see that in this also you will get complete routine work in the same way Properly tap of stones gets the bottom of the time inter, you are going to get the duty of kurti of the time meter and whatever is the size of two and a half meters, you get this dupatta cut for complete, in every variety you get something like this You can see it is a very nice pattern, whatever dupatta I told you, as you can see that the suit material has been seen by you, you have a lot of dupatta with a very good design, with saver you get a simple thing. It is that we must keep the varieties that are there and whatever variety you are always there. If you want to see d live then you can come to Surat daily and you get all the facilities from here which means anytime you go to sun your train schedule which I can inform in advance by calling its related to you. A driver also comes from here to pick up, so that you can easily come to the Kesaria Textile Company and watch all the variety which is live, meaning you all know that you get the complete collection of Bloody Mary means one roof Below you are going to get so many varieties, what does it mean that it is going to be very good English and you can take all these products from us, if you want to take your hands, then you can also do that other wise You are also given complete delivery even if you have a shop or even to your home and then you can just give the dream address, for that you get all the facilities on the side with quick complete information, so with this you get this white You must have liked it very much and I keep on bringing many such varieties for you, if you like it, then you You can also connect with all our social media channels, which means that YouTube is Instagram and by connecting with social media like Facebook, you will get notifications of new to new varieties and you can also watch all the variety through videos. Then you can call direct time, so if you go to our YouTube channel, subscribe to it so that you will get new Marathi notification every day so that you can get many variety updates about it, how in Kesaria Textile Company. -What variety of cricket manufacturing company is there, so here you will get to see many tests everyday, then stay connected with us like this, keep telling your opinion through comments and see you with the next variety in the next video right now. thanks for the watching!

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