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Hello, I Himanshi, How to welcome all of you to retail company and today I am going to get a lot of collections for you which means you will get blouse from your voice of design, here part of blouse is available in rate, some teaching material like search Blouse Piece Bridal In which semi and that designs I get you blouse pieces of fancy materials you are also going to find here but what we have brought for you collection is going to be over some fancy blouse piece that is very You get strange varieties here and that too starting from Rs 120 means that such varieties are there, you all know that there is a lot of demand that such varieties of fashion accordions are of more choice. And you can see it is going to get Nubase but the embroidery lock that you get in this way, you can see that very nice pattern you are going to get here, whenever you get this design properly And you can see the sleeves in this way you will get force sleeves here.

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The border that is given in it is going to look very beautiful and in this also you get the complete setup of seven pieces, very nice color chart with the new design going with the neck line, something like this is happening now very much It is beautiful white tones, the whole mirror work is getting the design in it and the America which you are going to get the touch, you get something in this way in golden color but on the back side you can see there is a very nice pattern that goes wrong They have such bread, they like it very much, if you want to do business, then definitely keep such varieties of it, some festival season is going on right now and in the festival, you all know that everyone has the same demand that we want something different.

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You need a different variety which should look very attractive, you are going to get all such collections in one place, that one how Kesaria Textile Company job you get the complete collection of Ladies Way Meghnad is very beautiful, you can see the color also its light color This is a very beautiful little color here you get the jacket that you have to do something like this You get it but add to this you are going to get their design and it is going to be very classic and in such designs, they can also use pop accordion in blouses that girls like Profit of Baroda and this is what Variety This is a very pack variety of liquor take and loop it straight color combination everyone gets a lot that in which line is going to get all these through golden color it is a very nice pattern.

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So if you are giving business setup Keep such varieties of you and any other ideas like how can we keep the varieties and how can we set up all the facilities, how do you get all the help from the Kesaria Textile Company and if you want to do Amazon Online Purchasing then The number given on your skin, only you have to call, all the rest of the information means what is going to be the related tow generation favorite margin, how can we set up our profit and what is going to mean that every information you get from us here It is easily available from Next Marathi and you can see There is a very good pattern here you are going to get its design in this way throughout the sequence and you can see in the back side you are going to get a very nice neck design as soon as you say it is very famous that means what it is also likes more and here you can see, see this way you get all the facilities, you get complete in the back side can see you are going to get very full but I think you are very good in this way and it is going on now which is going on in your mind, then you should collect all such liquor and if it talks about its packing then it is very good.

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You get the packing here, now you can see very good color combinations, we are going to get multiple colors here, you get here, in this way you are going to get a complete set up of one thing if you want 33 of it. That too you get from our how Kesaria Textile Company, if you face any problems, that means related to how we can order the product from you or how can you connect with the numbers given on our skin from you to us. You have to call and you can connect with us directly, its related to any facility you wanted Kumar is available from here and if you ever go to Suraj then how to visit once in Kesaria Textile Company which is only 10 minutes from station At a distance, in Millennium Market, more capsules come to the office than B block first floor cheeses. You can do all these varieties of purchase by looking at all the varieties yourself, if you want to take buy-end from us, then by the way, I am welcome otherwise, if you have to do complete delivery till here, then that too would have been done from here. It is very good that you get the parcel which is going to be made with good packaging and before that if you ever order online then just whatever variety you like, now take screenshots, whatsapp us its related now You also get the generations and you also get the information about the new collection very well, so adding new designs is going to be in a very plain look.

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But it has a design, the samosa lace design can be very good and now it is also going on in a lot of demand and now let’s talk about it, it is available in the whole stitching box but the problem is that I could get the margin If you want to wear without class or if you want to attach please then very much You can easily color all these varieties, but whatever variety of packs you order, you have become according to God that we have got all the varieties of pack Redmi here with a very good price, if you get it soon. It is a new design, in this way a golden embroidery design having a gel pattern, you are going to get this website, you can see how much classic design you get and you will see many such collections here. That a lot of New Arrival Fresh you are going to get all the variety It is that whenever you come here, you are going to get something different, how the Kesaria Textile Company is a manufacturing company, that’s why the customer’s test is also taken care of very well, the neck blouse designs in it, you can see it You are going to get complete embroidery work sequence, you get the complete design in this way and back side you can see very well design concept you get from both front and back side and sleeves you can see some In this way, you get full sleeves here, so to know about many such collections, now stay connected to seven such collections and those who visit our YouTube channel this year, you can now see the sari collection by visiting there.

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It means that ladies make-up whole collection sari should be smart, in this they talk about fort beans or if we talk about bridal concept, then you can see all the variety here and with a very good collection right now as there is a demand that blouse me Blouses of Friday concept are available or you can see These are very good patterns, I will get you only dead so goes in starting with rupees Very good Android time is going to be found here and here you can see the sleeves are properly completed by completing the stones you get along with the work. If you get it here, then to know about many such collections, you have to call from the numbers given on your screen and go to all the variety, now you can also watch through live video call sitting at home, like this Whenever you come, whatever sales executive you get, you can see in the website that it is very easy, you are told all the things, by the way, you are going to get the materials, how-how varieties you get here means that the necklace is a You get the facilities very easily, just whenever you come, you are going to feel like this, are you in your own city and you do what is right from the stars, that means that the one which is like the warning becomes like that. It is you language, you find yourself big here, so I hope you get a lot of variety in the video. You must have liked it more and you must tell us by commenting and you will definitely call so that you can purchase whatever is online, then we meet you with the hope that you have liked the varieties very much and we will take the next varieties for you. and will bring very good, so thanks for watching!

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