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Surat Saree Textile Market: Hello, I Himanshi How Retail Companies With these new thinking and new direction, I warmly welcome all of you once again and you will get a lot of variety in today’s variety which is going to be on this specialty which is going to be on bizarre fabric. While I haven’t brought more variety for you but the three varieties that I have brought for you are not going to be weird fabric and in that I want to tell you that strange man you get so many designs that means heavy patterns I also get it for regular routine and you also get some fancy sarees, in that way, how many apps are going to be found in the Kesaria Textile Company, that too only according to the gender of the hall, that means whatever You have to take the variety of the stage, as you can see in which Bridal I am standing today, where you can see the brightness of many sarees, which means that you have more than one variety of designs here.

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But it is available even if you are busy, talk about which such phone in the budget I find you in many such fabrics and you can see that in some way you get a platform that you have to take all these varieties according to the complete bandh because whatever variety we have here, we have army style here. Deal is done in me itself, so quickly we start the video without taking much time, then you can see very good here you are going to get a strange fabric and like I will tell you every time before when I have made a strange fabric But when the video was made, I told you that the strange thing is that the shine we get in this cloth is very beautiful, so you can see the way you will see it in it too, very nice shiny and Very nice design you get that file in printing and you can see and lover you are going to get false printing in this whole saree in this way you get the combination of word with cream and which is the last quarter.

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It is not going to kill you in this way, which tribulation gets the border and you give Can you but how can I put you a sticker of a retail company, which you do not know the name of the people, which or its catalog name is going to be named by the name, then it means you also get it easy if you like all this variety ocean then Taking a screenshot of this, the numbers given on your screen, but I can call and send the photo so that you get its related from the decision of periods, then you can see now the pallu concept of this you will be seeing very classy whose pallu concept It is made with complete file printing and now you can see the color design in this, how wonderful color design you get in this and olive sari you are going to get something in such a way that very cute and simple people but very rich You are going to get the look here again, to know about many contacts, the number given on your screen, you have to call us diet and add dry with us, you get all the information from us because if Let us do business tab if we are sitting with business if we are running Sharp also If so, it is the first thing, it must be kept in mind that we should have all the methods of fry, that means from starting regular routine to some high medium, you must keep it so that you get very good profit in it because like I do every time Let me tell you that the test of ladies, when and how it changes at what time, we never know how the color combination is going to happen, we do not even know that’s why we give all this variety to the recordings made so that In this, you get a lot of color combinations, but the variety that is going to be, in this you get a complete set of one thing, you can see the way a set of things is found and now you can see the design in it.

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All I am going to get you different different designs means that you get so many designs in a single lineage, people get very attracted on seeing the customers, this variety is going to be the next variety immediately, the next variety is something like this You get the odd one out of it but the variety that is cm The work is according to the work and now you can see that you are going to get the whole quarter, which accordion you are going to get here in the border, which is a very good collection and olive which is going to be a saree, in this way you will get this in the saree Root its design has been given to you, complete embroidery work has been done in it, you can see for yourself that every detail of the stones you get looks very good and you can see the shining up in it, every strange fabric if you do not know that picture How it happens, you can easily know that the fabric in which you get a lot of shining is of strange fabric, then you can see what you are going to get the complete pallu and are going to add all these sarees in this way.

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You can see the complete pattern in the water, very classic, what are the designs available here and you are going to get a complete lace pattern of 9 meters inside it means you are going to get all these varieties with proper blouse piece and Your screen for more information But the given numbers are you can tell us that now you must be thinking that before knowing the printing rate from where the starting rate is going to be very good now the alarms variety that is going to be very good means that very super for regular routine Variety is what we would like to see, then you can see very good you get the design here, that means in this way you get a deep pattern, it is a clean whole mesh like design, you mean which we also design the vine You can say that you get the money design and also the color you can see how lovely the color you are going to get here, then in this way you can see which pallu you are going to get, you get it with a very good design You can see all this design is made very meticulously, flower designs are also available and what is the most special thing you can see is stones and with that very good test you are going to get very classic If you want to keep such varieties, then the varieties that are there, such varieties are normally all.

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You can see the powder that you are going to get very much like Bhisma, in this way you go to the Next9 border in which you are going to get the design for the poori which is called Maharani Lace Water and you can see here what you will get more Blouse piece is going to be available in some way you get blouse piece in blue color only you will get border of personality lace, you also get it with very good collection, like this you get many varieties in one place. That’s how it is found in the Kesaria Textile Company and you all know that the starting rate of saree is ₹ 1 and we get started here and these are the varieties, you can comfortably give up to ₹ 100 that all this variety which this If it starts, then you must keep the varieties of this one and the varieties that you keep, then you get very good in profit that you all know that now you do business, the variety that is there is normally very much for everyone. It is more like that whatever is according to the variety and daily routine, then the customer is coming every time.

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But what is more important than that is that now the quality of the variety fabric is very important to keep it good, only then the customers who are more attracted and visit our shop again and again, then you come to naive surat so how Must visit Ray Kesaria Textile Company where you can see all the variety, now that you get to see the complete collection of Ladies Way live and if you can’t even put it for some reason then you can order sitting at home You can order all the variety online through video call and you are going to get this variety of saree with lots of spinning it is accelerated from kamhariya to your home with husband and you also get pick and drop personality from here If you live in the world, then how must you come to the medical room, which is in the Millennium Market, in Block First 3031 and 3032, now definitely visit Visa Capsules office, they can see all the variety slides and the thing is that you say If you do belong, then any language of yours, so in the same language, you We get the sales executives from here so that it becomes very easy for you, I hope you all liked this design very much and you are also very eager to see the new videos in this video, see you next thanks for now with variety.

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