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Hello, this is a new thinking and a new warm welcome from the Kesaria Textile Company once again as you all know that the company is where you get the collection, that means scooty like the one you get here so now here I am standing which is very much you are going to get and if you get the dupatta here, then you will be able to see the subscriber, very much like this I would like to tell you that I mix it very well for you and you can do that according to Delhi. So if you start without taking much time, then you can see the duty which is going to be a kurti, in this way you get cotton fabric, very good, here you can see the next 9 news room design you are going to get complete We get the sequence very carefully, take the solution in other districts, the texture of it, you can see the sleeves you get very well, which is the three-fourth sleeves inside the same way.

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Back lace border is going to mean that the overall look is going to be very unique and whatever variety if If you like it, then you have to take the entire lineage, which means that as you can see, you are going to get packing in this way and seeing the features in it, you are going to get Rs.600 complete set of combination, it is very best. You are going to get such variety here which is now sitting at home, even if you come here in Surat, then definitely come here once in the Kesaria Textile Company, if you can see all the variety which is live yourself but whenever the week Once I have my subject, there are doors, who will give the number on your screen, this thing has to be called and we have to inform, whatever driver happens from here, you have to click that the pickup we will get from here There are decisions of up and drop, that too is easily available to you, so those who grow tight can look at it, on top of very good aligning, you are going to get the design of this sequence, which is going to get you the water sequence. Very finely a fellow who has designs is made and such is the collection that is official according to his accord.

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Whether it is according to the daily routine, then it is very much liked and if we keep only 42nd collection, if we keep it like this from inside the business, then you must keep the variety that it is. Whatever happens in the cells, there is a lot of increase in the cells that whatever turtles do not see in front means that they get very much impressed which they get such variety, then the boon can look on that side of the new variety. How beautiful you are going to get the design means you get the complete embed people tone 210 and the sequence in this that whatever is made looks very cool means that all the variety is made with so much beauty that means that If you see the whole look of it, then it looks very different and you must keep such variety and there are many such collections and to see the number given on your screen, now we have to call it, you must go to water direct with us. All the rest of the information that you get from our online time means that the price is going to happen tomorrow.

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How much sperm donation are going to be received and how can we set up the margin further, you get all this information from us because doing business is not a big thing but with that, supporting all the customers who join us with them It is also very important to help at every step that you all know whether it is small or big, but business is business, so let’s go, whatever this design is, the people with very good gota leaves, I will get you complete in it. You get together in the lining of the sequence, there is some work that has been done, you get it very beautifully, you can see it, so it is found in the juice, so its pattern I will give you the people of the button Given it looks very nice and in such a full edison, you get the complete feel stupid means that 343 gives its complete setup so that you can also show the color combinations to the customers so that any customer here you can So they are able to take the varieties very well, they are able to suck in the color.

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If the designs are able to like their accordion, then soon the net design towards the new design which is going to be very beautiful collection means that you will get this complete design in this result type, the complete work of the sequence is going to be found in it. With very beautiful type and such variety which does not spoil even after doing whole year and you can see full length you are going to get margin we can see lot this margin you get Interlock Apni Singh you get here But if we talk about that size, then that size excel excel m size whatever size you want, every time ID you are going to get the size available, then such that is done, you can also see through video call so that you too It is known that as the variety time is shown from here, the varieties are delivered to you from here. The variety is shown to everyone, while the variety is fully delivered to your home.

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The choices are made, they are also written very safe, so let’s see the neck pattern that is going to be very beautiful, you get the full length, you can see the design of the whole sequence, when you do the buttons you get. In this way some unique when you are going to get the collection and here you can see that too shampoo sleeves you are going to get the complete frock pattern you get something in this way you can see very nice collection is color combination for face Its complete set aapko mil hai hai, I work in what you like very much and you must tell us through comment and our youtube channel is there and if you want to see many more collections then you can see all that We are going to get a lot of collection here in half that too, kurti in dupatta, plazo lehenga, this means that you are going to get all the varieties here, you get something different, here we meet you with the next variety in the next video till then thanks for watching!

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