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Hello, I Himanshi how not to think textile competition and warmly welcome all of you with new direction as you can see han baba we bring you many collections here you will have lots of juice 100 starts But today’s saris are going to be very super, don’t take much time, those who are about to start in the video mean that the variety of saris with detail, here you can see what a beautiful design you are going to get here. And firstly the thing that you are going to get this taslli design here in pallu is something that you get in this way, you are going to get many such collections in the whole pallu concept but the best thing is going to be in this. is that i want to tell you that much variety, so here you can see how wonderful it means that with the design of Kerry, you are going to get the design of this Puri Bell here and you all know how beautiful a material is. The key is very soft because as related we can speak tissue, you get this type of material here and next we go who take this couple.

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How do we get complete sarees in our own textile company here, which means that along with being manufactured, whatever variety is made here, some are made keeping in mind the customer, because whenever the customer comes to you, sometimes you become niraash. Do not go, it is taken care of very well, so soon you can see the next design towards the next design, you get a very good concept design here, but whatever color combination you get in it, you get something different. If yes, then you can see that in this way you get its blouse piece very nice and in this you complete 90 less.

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It is also delivered to you very well, no matter where you live in online all India, that means world vice shipping is done from here to us, so soon in the next design which is going to show you in the last design right now. Designs are going to be available, every time we keep telling you, whatever design is made here, you get usmein 500 plus designs, even then you can see that in this way this complete design is going to be available because the complete you brush pattern means brush Painting design lovely, you are going to get the design here and we get such a variety that is not a region royal look because in this variety is the same and the design concept.

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Get to know very well and now you all know that festival season is going on usmein bridal concept is also going on so such variety online and not only that, enthusiastic customers come here, they stay connected with us Their customers also connect directly with us so that they get the variety and also very well, then you can see so many collections that you have seen that you have seen these designs, after that this was the flower design. After you have also seen this way, you can see the bell design, whatever you like the concept and the variety, and you must call, until you will not be able to leave direct, then you will not be able to get complete knowledge. At the same time, stay connected with us like this, hope this is what we do, do your business always progress very much and in the same way you judkar with us, the variety you have and grow more.

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