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Hello, I warmly welcome all of us from the textile company with new thinking and new direction, like every time we come with full tips, it is special but the necklace which is variety is going to be double special because who is the number with it? If you have jointed the treasure, so you can see that If it is supposed to be in the morning, then you can see that you are going to get a bar coding system, if you do the same here, then this is what it is going to meet in the design, set the numbers given on the screen. You have to make a call and go to us so that you get the convenience of the victim about the collection, with it every time it burns halfway, by the way, you stay updated till what is going to happen.


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There is a new thinking and a new direction and what was a new variety is found in the business idea with the same, but by doing with that you also get the support that I have for you but many more can see here Inside this you are going to get the alarm set up from different, you can see what is happening inside it, you can see in this way the concept of the party that has been built in such big buildings with guava districts, you will get full fishing.


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If you get it and do not believe it, then you get it and you are going to get it with the whole, whatever is celebrated here tightly To the customers, here we hope that whatever customer joins or reconnects with us, then you would think that this is going to happen with it, then you can do a lot inside it, if you want in contrast voucher, then you can see the same. If you want, then you are also going to get it, black color is set on thank you, along with this, if you do, then the bride will become tasty and in this also you can see that add it in some pattern. Go roll in this yellow color which you can see, these people are also important along with it means that the set up of the contrast is not the same bodice, how the sisters are sitting, just the blouse should be chilli, such words you would have got. But I am showing you the example I would like to show you, so you can see that this is a very cute sari in a sari sari, so people here who do a lot By the way, you get the blouse, which comes inside it.


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And you can see that the perfect rule for turmeric would say that the yellow color would have been normal, but this one is special because it- it’s not what you get in it, what you have in it You get them but this is what you get, here you get the same ₹ 50 and drink alcohol once to know about the election because you will get it on this channel because also Sudhir goes to him that we If you learn the language, then you will not have any problem for that whether it is offline or online, you can find it in your language at both the places so that you can take it with you by having a comfortable conversation with them.


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All businesses are able to setup such loudly that you can get all these in blouse contrast between 10,000 to 20,000 sitting at home and you get the option that the previous running online facilities set you at least So if you get it, then stay with us like this and to see many more such remedies, then some ways like this To see the combination in the past, you will see a lot of such white, stay with us in this video, you are watching this effective bad, then please tell by commenting and don’t forget to subscribe at all because that’s about the party only then you You will get updates when you subscribe and it will let you know how weds is going to get you and fresh valleys and many more videos.


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