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Welcome Friends Hello Varnam Vimana Si Kesaria Kesaria Textile Company, I warmly welcome you all to these manufacturing company for 40 years, you get ladies ware complete collection on our how textile companies but not Tulsi, today we have brought it for you, she is coming. Night its a very beautiful pattern here you are going to get you start full slip variety is going to be very nice printed look you can see the full length you get in it and you can see what it is Pocket Key Design Gift facility available here means that you can keep mobile as well as keep money, which is very much liked now, so you can see the complete design of buttons here, some of the things you will get here In this way, we have stitching which is done here, very good design is found here, you and your sindh you are going to get very good, so what you get is regular, that’s why you get the question a public in it If we talk about it, then it is going to be a complete cotton fabric.


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It is a fact that you all know that you get very soft material here, so this variety is going to be only 155 if you start it, then if you are doing business then definitely keep such variety that daily routine According to such geography, it is in very high demand, then you can see that the setting design is going to be light colors, you will get the exact printing design here and here you will get the next design.


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The whole piping in such a way that here you are going to change, you get every variety so that it is very comfortable so that I feel very comfortable after wearing what you have. If it is going, then you will also see in it, so you will normally get every variety that you are going to get here you are going to get this saree designs with very good trade and with best quality and just send your skin to see many designs Numbers have been given, now we have to call and join us in the same way. That you can set up a business, then you can see the design I am showing you, in this way you get black and black color, you all know that it is a very good color and now the designs are very beautiful in it.


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Cheap ring design here you are going to get button sclues that here you get to get water, you are going to get the objective here in this village, please you can see which all one gets sleeves in which you get the current designs you see You can get the type design on it here, every time it is going to be like this, in that you get in one side effect facility, that means every time it is according to the demand you are going to get So whenever you take a hole, then how to visit the Kesaria Textile Company once, because it is only 10 minutes away from the station, you will find block first 30 to man in the market too, so you can see the next design in this way to meet you Wali Print Venturi Flower Design Milli and Flower Design You all know that it is all no doubt.


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Whether it is in a belt or a kurti in it or it is a night in it but it is in very high demand, then you can see here that you do not do typing in this way for a long time, something like this goes to you in the design. Very superb collection of caller times you are going to get here and if you order any variety of ours from here like sitting at home, then sometimes it happens that it is not able to sell then you can change inside the encroachment It means that if you do not like any variety or if there is no demand of customers, then in which country you can take another variety instead, then you can see that you can see many designs from one to one. You are going to get a collection here, night inside it because there is a demand for regular basis, that too we take full care from here that the customers should never be disappointed, they should always go and stay connected with us like this.


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You can see that the designer who is going to handle the buttons in this way, I will give you the whole piping that you design. Show that you get it according to the colors set up, so you are going to get it in the same way, that full length, you get all these varieties here, so we have a lot of collections, which you all know. If you are not able to show it in a video, then join us which is our end Kesaria Textile Company’s YouTube channel, you can also join there till you can see the complete collection of this ladies bag together and will definitely tell us by commenting that you will get variety. And how you have liked it, then how is your test going to be that how you get the All India test in the Kesaria Textile Company itself, so now let’s move to the next design in which you are going to get brush painting, in some way you see You can see that there is a very classic design inside the village and you can see the color combination that has been setup in it, you also get it here, there is a large variety, you can see the complete Jaipuri test you are going to get, very unique.

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The collection is here so you can see the elephant design, you will get proper You are going to get the complete fielding design here and you get all these varieties on pure cotton and if you have some issues like customers that we do not even know Hindi, then you will get very good facility for that. It means that you are related to any language, then you get this sentence notice in your own language, we were here that you can comfortably join them like a family and do whatever you want to do. You can set up the alarm, refreshed those words, but if you are running the notice too, then you can see that you can definitely keep the same variety which is there, very good. These sari materials are available with the packing and at the same time the margin in them is also very good, we get that such varieties, their accordion runs very much in Delhi, so you like all the varieties very much. If I will meet you, we will come next in the next video, thank you for watching!

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