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Saree Wholesale Market Surat: Hello I Himanshi how not to think from Kesaria Textile Company I warmly welcome you all with new direction as if you all know that there is a manufacturing company for 40 years but here you get complete collection about Sara, that means saree scooties but Dupatta plazo petticoats and many more variety you are going to get, although from now on you get suit material and language here, so that means when you are getting so many variety in one place then definitely come visit once in Kesaria Textile Company only then You will come to know what variety of designs you will find here, which many designs you will get, on top of each big one, you get the meaning of saree designs, if you get the test of all India at one place, then let’s start today. In the video which is going to happen, some saree is going to be on it, you can see some very beautiful pattern in this way, which is going to be Najmeen saree, ₹ 1 all are there but today the new collection which is showing Marathi I have a very beautiful bed and such a saree dhoti It is also very much liked, if you differ, then definitely keep such a saree that the one who washes the saree is also used a lot in regular basis because it is so much in demand and you can see that very good here you have Through golden zari work, you get all this variety, it touches you completely, that means if we talk about valve saree, then you get 500 plus you distance designs in the whole saree and you can see a paratha on top.


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If you keep mentioning the catalog name, then this name is going to be this catalog name, then you get many such collections here and you can see this is a very beautiful pattern, what are you going to get the pallu something like this In this way you can see that then the designs in which these are broken because there is a very good collection and it is very important to change a little bit and under this you can see the complete and love saris you get in the same way but you are having blouse. He is going to get something in this way you can see very good you here Contra The voucher is then found here inside the cream color, here you can see very good design with very fine detail, you are going to get the whole nighty centimeter cut if you get the cut of this sari just like the saree If the blouse is important, then this blouse is there with the saree, but you can also see the blouse piece separately, if you stand in the browser segment, then here you get unstitched blouse stitching and if we talk about it So you also get that and only Twenty Nine will start from the form of unstitched blouse first if you do not believe it then I would like to show you then you can see if you get online or if you start it then many such Variety is going to be found here, if you want to order online also then you can do it comfortably, just send your skin, the number is given, you just have to call in and director Kumar can join you, rest you can decide on periods TV Tara is going to be in the price, you have all the facilities from our online team. I know that the next design saree is going to be very beautiful, you can see that something is going to be found in this way, like we make it every time, but this time you are going to see only this very beautiful design.


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It is made, it is looking very nice and you can see it is a green color, you all know that it is more liked and the color that it is is a very color, so you can see it, see this way It goes to the border and you get it very much, whose house is very beautiful but it is very good, it is going to be found here, you get this saree designer with great beauty and here you can see it too You would get the design of tiles in this way here, as much as the designs you are going to get inside it, you get as many different concepts as Gita has become Sanskrit, that if we talk, then use of designs or blouses. The pieces you get as you can see are very much in cream color but the design is different in each and every saree. I am going to get that it is going to look very beautiful when this whole pattern is going to happen and the demand for such blouses is also very high, so if your baby comes to Surat, then how must you see the exams which you all know. That is in Surat, if you come to the shift station in Surat, it means that your baby comes to Surat, tell your schedule time, when are you going to come, what are the times that we will also give you the decision of pick up and drop here.


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Whenever you come, you have to pick up the driver and you can easily come to this Kesaria Textile Company and buy all the variety that is there that you will not believe until you see it. It is said that when we are not able to see through our eyes, till then we are not able to trust anyone, then once you must visit here and otherwise if it is not possible, then even through video call, you have all the variety that is sitting at home. If you can buy the next design then this design is going to be very beautiful and which is blue color which is Color You all know that there is a very attractive color and you can see that in this way too you are going to get the concept of Shani and you can see that very nice design here you are going to get the whole stones. You get the work of the stone, you can see it and what it is called of the stone, the beauty of it is increased even more, that means whatever is in it, it takes four moons, so whatever variety it has. In this you can see the water which is going to be very well made in very but very hit with your Singh, this id is made on the sari and with proper planning of the stones, you get the toughness on top of the practical variety.


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The catalog name is mentioned in the way that it is, so that if you like it in any way, you have given the number on our skin by taking a screenshot of it, now diet can message us so that you get all the facilities through our online team If you director also want to join us that how we can staff Bigg Boss or what variety we can get If you should keep it, you get all the details of that too, from here, then diet can also connect with us by calling us, as it happens to us that in how much budget we can startup or how should some customers start like this. There are also those who do not even have knowledge, then you simply have to call the number given on your skin, all the other details are told to you, this starting budget that if we talk then only 15000 to 25000. If you keep the budget, then you get Ladies Rekha Complete Collection in it and we all have all the variety that you can change even sitting at home, you also get to know that thank you brother, who is a customer, his cancer test is going to be given to you. Or how you can set up its margin, according to your area and what kind of new collection times come here, for this our YouTube channel is how you can definitely join hands with the latest style company, subscribe for this It is important to do this so that if you keep getting notifications, then you will also know.


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That’s how many more collections you are going to get here, if you come here as well then you are going to see something different, Variety Every time some new concept keeps coming and through the video you can see that in saree You are going to get so many collections, so you must visit once how in the districts so that you can know yourself too, in this also you can see that you are getting this only one controls blouse and now you can see in it. You are going to get some different designs because every single sari is made in a fabric but you are going to get something different but in each variety, this being a prostate manufacturing company, whatever white it is made with full confidence. Along with it is made again keeping in mind the test of the customers and you all know that there is a manufacture so you are not going to get all the variety subsidy here, that means you get it at very good price, now anywhere that means sun Which all of you know that the biggest hand back of the Kesaria Textile Company means here you say Even if you go there, the starting range will be the saree, it starts you from ₹ 150 on ₹ 1, but in our Kesaria Textile Company, you get starting from ₹ 50, that too in a saree with blouse piece, you will get all this saree and many more. You get good designs with all of them, so let’s see how this saree is going to be, so you can see it very well, here you can see the flower design that has been made and you can also see it. You are going to get the golden color stone work design inside you very well, every time you write the stone work in one sided mode on Saturday and here you can see, in this way also you get that full border on the top side.

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It is very good, Salim sahib, it is very nice to be able to border and you can see in it, in fact, you are going to get the complete pattern in this, both are border concepts, because of this, you will find many collections here and serpents. Job Everyone knows the fabric that I am showing you the name of the sari today, so very soft The material is there and feels very good, that means that after wearing the Tubelight looks comfortable, now I like the same variety very much, because of this, the customer comes to us many times more when we have quality achievements in the varieties, the designs are very good. Be it and in that which we have a very good comfortable feeling after wearing, such variety is very much liked by all because you all know that this saree is also very much liked in daily routine and the same things happen. That means daily routine that if we keep things, then we get profit very well from that only, after this sari, then everyone knows that as blouse has become sari, but I have one more thing important in sari. That is, petticoat free mode on is very important right now so how do you get that too in Kesaria Textile Company from next9 so to know about this many collections just the numbers given on your screen direct you call us If you want to do it, I hope you have liked all the variety very much and you can comment on us. If you tell through this also, then see you with the neck slide in the next video, thank you for that till then.

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