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Designer Sarees Festival Collection: Designer Sarees Festival Collection: Hello, I Himanshu how this Kesaria Textile Company warmly welcomes all of you once again with a new direction and yes you must be wondering which variety I have brought, the Taj is specially for you the festival season’s accordion sari. At the same time, I have brought for you that along with being a manufacturing company, you get so many varieties here, every time you get to see something new, as if you ever come to the sun, someone has now visited the Kesaria Textile Company. If you do, then yourself also know that you see yourself with your own eyes, how many words you get to see, that means if you are doing business, then very easily from here you can do the purchasing sitting at home, that means offline too. You can add and make up online, so without taking much time, today we are going to start some very nice festival season accordion sarees which are very lovely, which islands are available here you can see how beautiful the look.

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Ahmed has a dark color and laughed, you can give some of the designs we get. You can see very nice pattern, you are going to get the whole stone work, that too with the design of very good authors, you get this saree designs and in this too you can see that it was made very beautifully means that The variety that is there is very much liked and the wedding season is going on right now, with the festival season, which ones are there for me, you must keep that all these varieties are our jeans, our profit is very good. And the margin is found in it very well, so now you can see what you are going to get this whole pallu which is a very well connected herb and stones which you will give you in valve saree. Catchup is going to be available in an easy way and if we talk about the lens, then less that you get only 30th proper cut and you can see the blouse which you are going to get along with it, in this way you get complete work means That the whole cutting style goes to you, if women want to start a business sitting at home, then the minimum and you all know 15,000 From 25000 to famous all this variety in it because you get complete collection of ladies from one place how that Kesaria Textile Company started sari school 30 but dupatta plazo petticoats language such and materials from sun if you get it here then this collection of Do buy it sitting and all this variety which you can see through live video call sitting at home, then you can see stop inside this saree which is very good in neck design towards next design.

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By the way this is going to be a fabric like this whole thing and now you can see that when the app adds the border then you get its diamond in it that means all over the concept it is going to be in this way you get it How Kesaria Textile Company is the specialty that whatever saree you get here is complete you do not get the 9 meter cut which is of lace and you get this saree Marathi with blouse piece then you can see In this I am going to get you the work of Lazy Stones and this blouse is acid dyed. The design has been made in it, it is very beautifully meant that you get the browser like people are in it, then you can see with the blouse piece that means that in this way you will get the blouse with full lace border. You are going to get the less thirty look of Siroski Diamond here as you can see there is also a very beautiful sari which is looking very good means how the one who washes the sari that’s why the customer takes it if they do feet So it looks very beautiful, what is celebrated, just call us the number given on your skin for many such collections, join us, all the other details will be my online team which will help you very well.

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Informs means that what is going to be its price, which fabric is going to be and what kind of designs you are going to get here, that is complete with full guarantee through periods, this variety is shown to you, then soon This new design is very beautiful in design only inside one work you can see. It is very good that in this way you get the complete pattern, you get the whole of this page made in this way on top of the stones and the whole design means that you also get stones of many more colors like You can see something like this cream color and which are waterproof, anyway you get it here, so you can see it is very beautiful to be a sari and Georgette Basis complete material you will get the result you want. Everyone knows that there is a very good material, in this we also get the saree that we have on a daily basis, so in this you can see that you are going to get the border of complete control that you get the proper design and very cute. If you get all over the pallu concept that you are going to get in C Buildings, then you can see in this also what you send from Vodafone that you have been given the complete valve saree, you get all the 6 minutes cut of the palaces you get. If yes, then you are going to get this work complete, with all the variety of blouses you get.

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If you can see with blouse, in this way you are going to get blouse piece with full work that means if you want to make this kurti fast then you can also keep that saree which is ocean of business you are doing For net collection, if you want or keep 19 sarees, then definitely keep a blouse with it because similar things happen 19 The profit we make goes a long way as we speak and not like if we don’t keep all the variety. So what we will be able to show to the customer, then you must keep all this variety, the customer who is from us is never going to be disappointed or not, now if it is a matter of setting up margins like you start friends and even if the margin is not set up If you can, then the numbers given on your skin of simple cardamom, diet can now call us because the customers who go to that customer from our place are not only given variety, along with their full support. It is known that how he has to be president, how can he increase this time and how he can move forward, he has the experience of all this. It is given very well, so soon there is next variety which is going to be very good, is it not Rangoli fabric, I am going to get this white, in this way you can see I am showing you this in last variety but it Answer ID is only for you, but you are going to see a lot of variety here, you can see how much memorial collection you get here, that means if you come here, you can see all the website by filling it yourself. You also come to Surat, once you must call us, your who should also have a must tell us that you also get the facility of pick up and drop that you are going to get here, that means anytime you come to Surat in the system Call us, the driver who will come from here, he will come to pick you up, you can come here and do all the purchasing, till then if you do not see all this variety with your hands and with your eyes, till then you all know that you Don’t know how many varieties you get, we see many varieties, you can watch 7 without taking much time.

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This is a very nice pattern, in this you can see the double border concept you will get, you are going to get the bra-less border and this is what you get from vodafone above saree, you will not get complete with stones cutter. In this saree and in this also you are going to get a complete cut of six and a half meters of the border of the complex, if we talk about color combinations, then you get many colors but whatever variety you like, just by taking a screenshot. You can message us that means you will send this cream, you have to message in favor of it, you get the PDF related to it from my online team so that you get a very good facility, how many color combinations you are going to get and so on. Only if you belong from any area, from all India to the temple, if you have any language, then you get connected to us here in the same language so that you are absolutely comfortable in talking to him and you If you can join us like a family, then we will bring a lot of collection for you like this. Keep coming close that if we talk to you, then in this way you get packing, you are going to get a very good concept here and with the same catalog messages on catalogs, you get all the variety, then there is no concept that If we think that you must have seen the whole video, you must have seen all the things but you must be thinking that we do not know the price, then I would like to tell you that we have heavy concepts in this way, starting from only 150 rupees.

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There is a variety in this, now you can see many such beautiful collections that here you get all the variety 500 plus designs in it that this is the biggest advantage of being a manufacturer that the variety along with the design concept so get all If we do not need to go anywhere else, then I hope you have liked all those words very much and tell us by commenting that you all know that you are not able to comment, then we also know Can’t do that how else you have to see the variety but whatever the cost We leave here their reviews, they give very good reviews, that means they get full support, you like how our YouTube channel is the YouTube channel of Kesaria Textile Company, now let’s see the reviews of customers. They are very good, how do they feel by connecting with us, in the same way you with us and you also get a lot of progress in your business, we just hope that the vision and the season is going on you have golden oppurtunitis That you can earn very good profit that from us at every step you mean that at every step we are going to get you full support at this stage, you must have liked this video very much and you will like this video with us. Stay connected, just call us on the number you will give on your skin and you can connect with us till then thank you for that.

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