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Hello, I warmly welcome you all with new thinking and new direction from Himanshi, today’s video is going to be very special, who makes what is very good, which withdrawal you are Will tell everyone what the concept of making is, everyone likes it very much and you can see that in today’s sales officer there you will be getting to see a lot of variety of fruit sarees, which ones are green in each design. You get all the things, that too how in the Kesaria Textile Company you get all the words in the field, so now let’s go to some Banarasi concept, it is going to be a sari, but you are going to get very good designs on that also means that such designs are there. Right now the festival season is going to be very much liked, then you can see the difference here which is going to be variety, in this way you get something, you can see the very good Banarasi which they have in this saree. You can see what stops Pallu is going to get, you are going to get something like this in the complete embroidery look From and in which we can now see the design given to you with multiple colors, meaning that the combination of green and red given on top of the stone cutter chapko gets full, such that there are varieties and many more.

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It is very much liked and you can see the Ab Dekh sakte double which border look you get In this you will get the designs of 5000 plus stones and now you can see that you are going to get the complete look that the concept of the skirt is being liked very much right now, different varieties of different designs in it. Which one goes with you more and with blouse piece means that this saree is going to be of full length betting and the blouse piece you are going to get in it, in this way you get the blouse, you can see it in full. There is a very fine part which is getting a very good look in the line made wind pipe, in this you and in it You can see that the border given in this blouse piece on the border, you also get the police torture of stones with a very nice design and you are going to get its set back in which you will get very good color combinations. Because it is very important to take care of the customer’s test in the Kesaria Textile Company, so now let’s go to the next variety in the next flight, you will also get very good designs, which means that the design is seriously very good pattern you will feel. You can see a very attractive design here you are going to get the complete design of hand work that has been given to you, you can see in some way that it is very nice to do the diamond here that you are going to get along with it.

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Design of the lace is also different with the pattern of the stones which is there on the network, you can see the complete pattern of the bracelet is made in it, you are going to get a very nice look, you will get pallu clans on your own and so on. You also get the look quality of the skirt in the same way that means You are also going to get more people here for the accordion jewelry of the combination of sarees and in the same way, in the same way, what are the borders you get in the same way, you are going to get all this variety in the pattern of witch throws diamond and oliver You can see the sarees in some way you get it means that you are going to get so many designs here which you have not seen before because whatever design you get here you get 500 plus variety in which collections There are a lot to be found because we are not able to show all the variety in a single video, you can see how many designs you are going to get here, it is available in cotton silk, you get it in pure silk, some Kanchivaram, some Banarasi people, some pattu People mean that who losers are going to get saris for themselves, which means that there is no such variety which you can not get, then in the burning new design which is going to be the tax pattern and You are going to get the very latest design which is assigned, now the You can see that there is a very good variety.

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You are going to get the complete stone work because the time of golden colored stones has been shown in it and you can see that you are going to get all this from Pallu Khan, in this this whole diamond with very speed Singh People are going to get you, in this way you also get diamond flowers, you can see the complete pattern, when the check pattern is also going to be available, in that also you get this saree design with complete variety, that means one check in it. In this you are going to get the design with full turn when the stone cutter is available and from above you can see the power design you are going to get means it is very difficult to get so many designs in one single saree but how do you get it Every design is available in the Kesaria Textile Company, to know more about the collection, you just have to call us on the number given on your screen, the director can now connect with us and now any of these varieties if you like If you have pimples then you take a screenshot of it.

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You can message the numbers given on the skin so that you get its related in relation to generations and you can see how many color combinations you are going to get and the same variety you can also see through live video call that we have here. You are going to get all the facilities from this means that if you order all the varieties sitting at home, then you can also see all the variety through video call so that you know that what I show you in my Edison, the same variety is going to be available to you. You also get it with very good fabric and with this whenever you come to the sun, you can tell us your schedules in advance so that you will get the pick up and drop decisions from here. You get it very well, that means whenever you come to the station, you call us, the driver from here comes to take delivery so that you can directly come to this Kesaria Textile Company and see all the variety that apply.

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And you get here Ladies Rahat Complete Collection here and with that you come Look here and in dark and light shades, you are going to get all these sarees, you can see that in this way you can see the complete bridal, if you get this saree from its material, then you get that too from here means that such In this Banarasi look which is going to be any designer, you are not going to get it from here, but the simple thing is to call the number given on your skin, in this way you stay connected with us and our anger is your big one. Through this comment, you will definitely tell your opinion that what kind of variety you are going to like to see, then the new variety which is going to happen in the last, but only at the cost of writing, but here you get a lot of variety from the current video. There is a launch website for this very nice Russian diamond, which people are going to find in it, you get the complete pattern, on top of this you get the design of very good Kerry and what can we call double toned body.

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As you can see here also there is a very beautiful sub border but what is designed in it and many more. With Cheeni Singh, you can get all this variety, you can see the result, in some way, the craze of it, now you get the recipe designs because the skirt and the picture are very basic things which people like very much. And if you get all India test of customers in one place, then we meet you with this new variety, hope you have liked this website a lot, will definitely tell us your opinion through comment and our YouTube channel The channel is called How Textile, you can see a lot of variety by going there, whatever variety you like, you can like the video which we get a very good bounce do you like this variety very much and See you like this in the next video with Next Flight till then thank you!

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