नेट/वर्क दुपट्टा का अनोखा कलेक्शन! Dupatta Wholesale | Latest Designs 2022- Kesaria Textile Co Surat

Hello me Himanshu how retail companies, with new thinking, new direction, warmly welcome all of you that every time they come in the collection, blouse pieces are also celebrated but In which you are going to get a lot, that also happens, it is the biggest and at the same time you get a lot, have to call and go and type your business quickly, then here It means that the leheriya pattern comes and not in Bigg Boss or in jewelery collection, it means that if you get so much variety in one place then you do not need to go anywhere else so now we start.


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You can see the collection that is going to happen in this way, I find you very cute, in which Tehri all of you must have seen the whole thing, you must have also seen this distortion, but the collection of dupatta is something that you get in this way You can see that the collection is very cute, you are going to get it in Rajouri because the website of Tissue Times comes in it, which is very good material and such a variety, the accordion of fancy look looks very super but Whatever this design is going to be, we get the new design in Najmin, in this way you can see that we have been given a very cute look everyday, with the same there is a penance chanting the mirror, you get it at all very Nice beauty you are going to get this front and here you can see what is given to you in this manner in pallu hour.


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It has been very good, so you get multiple colorful dresses design, so the concepts are like this, you can set it up on WhatsApp with such a simple, you can also use this fashion accordion, then just give the number on the screen. Given are you have to call and email ID sitting at home which you can order online, then you can see the increasing new designs and new designs, you can see some like patterns, I like you, I like you, very good variety in your dupatta. What you can see, in which you also get a nearby design in this way, it is very strange and here you will get a lot of lace border type of pearls like this and that Also, if you get a complete top of two and a half meters, then there is just such variety, if you ever go to the sun, then how to see it once in the textile company because it is 10 inches away from the station, you will find it in the market. Even in zoom from Block First President, we see the new design, the oil strainer is also in high demand, I laugh with you.


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So this whole variety is available means this file is found on print Robot Print that if I talk about Robert Print also you are going to get all these varieties, then here you can see the scarf I give you the pattern of toxins in this way You get sporadic and you are going to get a set of dark colors or a schedule of light colors, in this way you get the complete set up of Twenty20 and all the colors mean that you also have to use them on a regular basis. You get such collections as they are, if you order anytime, it means that if you want to do purchasing sitting at home, then keep my and model of 10,000 25000 so that there are such collections in it, you can get it easily anytime.


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Sometimes it happens that whenever we do purchasing and the sale is not done, then it is okay that we get the return policy here and you can take the same variety according to your test by changing it, then every day This is going to be a new designed net, in which you get the complete pattern of pimple type, the whole border that you get You are going to get a complete look all around and you get the full length in the dupatta, you can see that in this way many more variety is going to be available to everyone like you must be seeing here some bandhi pattern I get some silk bar rides in it, if you want, then some different concepts keep appearing here and whenever you come here, you are going to get something different, then fill the new design and everyone can see that tied Here you get the test, which is the contact in Bandhani, there are colleges of luck, they get very cute color timings and here you can see, in this way, you get the design of the hotel by attaching it to you here. But whatever very nice colorful snakes are going to be found, then you get different designs in those who stop, so first of all we have to call the number given on your screen.


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How you must go with the textile company so that our online team gets full support in your own language, how If you can get the rights of then what is next on the net which you can see that you get complete you are going to get it well now it has been added and it is very cute little one gets it because there are also They are more liked, how to keep whatever is there so that every day you are well set and you keep bringing more and more from New York so that you know what your custom is But you get something means that with the whole look, this design is very good for you and what to talk about that I get it, on this day your bad you get the pattern of the left in this way though tone you You are going to get all these varieties 121 You get packing in this way, you can see, if you want in this way directly even in colors, then you get all this variety in similar colors too, so stay with us like this Whatever is there through coming, you must tell your opinion and with new thinking and new direction, I would like to say that some unique concept gets from here, you get some new ideas, so do you subscribe to our channel. so that you can keep getting trick and notification with new collection till then we have some new collection with new variety till then thank you for watching!

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