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Latest Ladies Nighty Wholesale: Hello, once again brought some new concept for you, how once in the Kesaria Textile Company, money welcomes all of you warmly and you can see that you will think that I am standing in this dupatta segment today. I am going to show the collection of dupatta but not the variety that is going to happen today, in this way everyone is going to get the nighty, with a very good design, goes to Jaipuri Days, if we talk about printing city variety, then you will get this in a very effective rate. All the variety is going to be available and like I told you that every time we have Sindhu hi collection you are going to see how Kesaria Textile Company along with being a manufacturer company keeps on bringing new concepts in some clothes every time. As soon as it is a tea blouse, a kurti, but a plazo or a sari, its material, everyone knows that the sari is in the most demand, but it is the nitis ji, you all know that it is very much in demand. that what it is is a very short burst of things for mens that Nitis You all know you can wear absolutely Freedom Liam Ginger is absolutely used but gives very good returns in comfort Frill we can do any work so if you are doing business that too women’s red in it Complete If you are keeping the collection, then definitely input the notice because in this also you are going to get very good margin, if you go with a margin of 20%, then you can easily earn up to 40% margin in it very well.

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You are going to get so many designs after printing design, do embroidery ho chat pocket nighty which every variety you are going to get, so now if we talk about cigarettes, then I want to show you the collection first and stay connected with us Let’s start together, first of all the variety which is going to be there, in this way you get Jaipuri print, it is very good design and printing concept and you can see that you are going to get the whole elephant design, you will get the pot in such a way as well. You get the full size, you get the full size in this. You can see that in this way you get the full free size and you will get the full size in it, which means that you get complete variety, so you can see the regular routine that goes on that is why you are going to get and what is in it. There is going to be a pattern of neck, in this way you do not get the embroidery work, you are going to get it with very good color combination but here you can see the chain is also very good, you get the facility because nitis ji It is also very important to have a chain facility on it, so many new collections are going to be found here, so in the same way you can see more in print, you are getting this bright color, it is only inside the low but The design has been added to this, you can see, send the pic, the design you get in this blue color dark blue color, very nice pattern, in the same way you will get the quiz in the same way that means that only what goes on in the regular routine, that’s why you have to It is available here too, you can see one of your very cute little designs either yours or yours. You are going to get that also according to the 221 border, here you can see the lining design is available and here you get the complete design of your husband’s bull in this way and in this also you get the complete pension of peace.

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All the materials are going to be available to the snake and in one variety you only get the facility of interlock complete, so if we talk about its bus, then in this way you get the complete packet, very good variety if you are also burning voting So I have definitely kept such varieties of clothes because I can say with guarantee that you are going to get a very good margin in the variety that we all of you know if we start our own clothes business or we already have clothes. Even if you are doing business, even if you carry minimum butter hot from 15000 to 25000 then you can very easily take complete collection to all ladies, in my voice, you get a lot in the color chapter, the design concept is that inside the closed You are going to get a lot of design charters so that if any customer comes to you He is not able to leave disappointed, he has a variety of designs, which many designs are available, then you also get profit and the customer can never leave your place empty handed, so now we see the new design inside the wheat It means that the night is inside it so that you can see the night, this is very good, here you are going to get the whole printing whitespace in this hand and you can see the next pattern which you get in some way From college acid design, here you get to drink water, you can see that it is only with Honey Singh, you are going to get the design of the whole typing sleeves, you are going to get the regular routine what happened coding and in this also you will get the title of chain It is known that the pattern of chain is going to be found inside every nightie because this concept is very much going on now that you all know that women suck in saris also in good dupatta also in blouse too But even in those who have nits, what is their collection? So if you will get something different then you can see that in this way you get flower design kevin notice in printing complete very good drawing on save prasad color combinations are also found very well here you can see which You have been given a college dress, this design is something different in this way, you get the whole thing that these people have been given to you, with a lot of piping, all this variety goes in it, as if you have done many more in college basis.

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If you look at the design, it goes like this in the next variety, so far you must be thinking why I have not told you the rate yet, then I will definitely tell you the starting weight, but if you like any variety, if you like it Give a screenshot, send your skin, the numbers are given, you can message us on it so that you get the related PDF from it, how many color chapters you are going to get, how the price is going to be, and also what kind of designs you have, how Kesaria Textile Company Even if you go your next design and new designs are also very much. Only then it is going to be beautiful inside the dark color and you can see the whole printing design of white in this way and here you can see send the neck the design has been given to you and you are going to get a different design In Kolar itself and you all know how you are going to get 500 plus designs in the variety you will get in Ray Kesaria Textile Company, so now we definitely tell you when you are starting, so now we would like to show you can see something like this From this you are going to get this complete setup, the packing is found in this way and you start adding 159 to this saree, you are going to get very good cotton fabric, you are going to get the perfect fennel material, so you all know and the cotton which Variety is there, it is very much liked in the recent season, whether it is winter or whether it is summer, but nighty flame is mostly preferred by cotton, so now we can see that noble designs are going to happen in some ways, all very good.

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The color is in maroon color and the design is your own, in light yellow color, you will get this complete design concept. After you get it but you can see next which this pattern is given according to the complete stitching you get this design and here you get the complete look of this body when you get the full look of the buttons and sleeves you can see something like this Since you go to regular meetings, tanning is going to be the best thing, in this you are also going to get profit facility, in this way you can see as if you should keep your mobile now, if you want to keep money, then you can keep it very comfortably then Next Design In the same way, this is a very good design to be done in double colors. Printing is going to be complete in this, but here you can see that the person who gets the design on the neck, in this way double pen means black with the light brown. You get the combination and the whole pipin you are going to get cream in this way and in the same way you get brown me you get the whole chain pattern on the neck so you get so many beautiful beautiful designs here If so, the simple thing is that the numbers given on your screen, you can call on 9th. All the rest of the information is very easily available to you through our online team, but if you are also doing startup here and need any idea how you can start up, what variety you should keep, then you will get complete details. How the Kesaria Textile Company is explained very well and how ever you come to the Kesaria Textile Company, you will also visit and purchase fry can also tell all of you sun our office sales office where you come live every day to all of you And from here you also get the decision of pick up and drop, that means whenever you go, you can call once, our driver is from the station, he comes to pick you up and you have all the variety.

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You can easily do live purchasing means that you can see all the variety with your own eyes because in tennis you are going to get the very best of yours, so the designer who is going to be the designer who would like to see in but this fort last We have many more designs you are going to get, then see the complete cotton material You are going to get the whole flower design, you can see some very beautiful pattern here and you can see that it is the designer who has made the complete pattern of the look of the satin strip, here you will find And in this also you get buttons in such a way that you can see those sleeves in regular routine so this is available but on sleeves also you get the piping concept in an easy way, so many collections like this I have our YouTube channel to know how we go there by the name of Textile and you can see many designs. Saree will go scooty which means you are going to get the complete collection of Ladies Way here, then stay connected with us like this. Keep telling by comment also village how you have to see more variety, how material you like more because you are going to get All India test at one place and you can’t do online shopping even sitting at home means that ever If it happens that it is not possible to come, then you sit at home with Ajay Singh.

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If you want to see the material, then you can see all the variety through video call, whatever our sales executives can, you get in your language, which is according to a family, you can talk to him for free, the whole time the idea will give you a lot. Well he is going to tell you the whole collection, he shows you the whole collection if you want chili on the person, then if you get it from my online team, then you will like this collection very much by sharing it with new varieties with new videos. You must have come and you will definitely tell us through the comment and you will definitely give a call, till you are not able to join together, till then you also could not understand how the collection is going to get you, thank you for that.

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