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Best Chiffon Sarees from Manufacturers: Hello I Himanshi, How Kesaria Textile Company warmly welcomes all of you with new thinking and new direction, she and you all know that serial textile companies are manufacturing companies that bring you a lot of quality best products and very good With Bread, we all know that whenever you come here whenever you see any variety of sarees whether it is more than 292 but then or dupatta and many more collections in which you also get gowns means Proper Ladies Wear Complete You are going to get the collection here and whatever variety you select, you have to take according to the previous lineage, that means, whatever variety you take, you have to take the fruit cell’s accordion, in that you have to pipe this set of u pieces in the set. If I get it, today I have brought some sarees for you, basically on the phone and the strange fabric, which is of very good variety and the design is also going to be very unique to you, so let’s start without taking much time, you can see It’s very good you got this spoon as well as material matching It is about to come and you can see that what has been done for the color combination is very good color combination, that means you are going to get absolutely royal colors here and here you can see this catalog with the same name. wala hai and border you can see marani kane apne apne you get this border and when pallu you can see which pallu concept right now you are able to see very classic pallu which app is going to get here complete You get the design in file printing and you are going to get the complete printing design that means the combination of mobile print with printing is going to be very good and you can see Kalesh Dosa which we can call Rambo Colors in the post like this You are going to get the color shades in it and with proper cut you get all these braids and the other of the same which can be seen in the border bottom now, in some way, they all get the zari line, that too in silver color like this You are going to find many patterns here with blouse piece, you get all these variations.


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In the blouse piece also you can see that the entire border of the lace does not go properly, that full notice you are going to get the blouse piece in the saree, so many such contacts you get in one place because you all know how You also get a lot of variety of sarees in the Kesaria Textile Company. More than one design, here you get whatever design you want to know, all you have to do is send your skin, the numbers are given, you just have to call us, you have to connect with the director so that you can get all the information very easily. It is available from our online team, so now you can see its catalog, let’s see how the catalog is going to be, then you can see very good, you are going to get the complete chapter of TCS here in which you will get very classic color combination. Go because such colors are normally too much are used and keeping this in mind, according to the customer’s test, this id is made on the saree, how it is a Kesaria Textile Company, it is a company where you get the test of All India at one place, that means your Also please visit Surat once, which is our company in Surat, that means, just 10 minutes away from the station, in Millennium Market, which is on Ring Road, visit the blog for its processes to visit your direct sales office.


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They come, they can see all the variety of themselves, that means every quality, every fabric, you can see carefully that whatever we go shopping anywhere or if we are doing business then something for that too. We go to pick up the varieties, the first thing we see is how the fabric is going to be, how is the design going to be done and whether it is going to run area wise or not, while choosing the variety, keeping that in mind, here you get the whole collection. And if you get all the all India test at one place, then move on to the new design. Next join you are also going to get chiffon material only in this way you can see that you are also going to get free flower print above shower printing You all know that it is very much liked thing and many more It is also in demand and everyone who has customers likes them very much, then you can see very good color you are going to get here, in light color, you get all this variety and you can see The shining you are going to get in this, you get very good shining in this material and you are going to get the whole flower design multiple color with it and in some way you will get this whole zari border which is not ours but lace border can also speak You get the quarter full and in the same way you get multiple colors which flower design you get in it and properly whenever you get stones cutter in it and whatever variety you get from us, you get up to 9 meters in that saree.


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You get a complete lace border and with a proper cut, you If you get a blouse piece too, then to know about many such collections, you just call the number given on the screen of a girl and whatever variety you like, screenshot of it. You can take and send your skin WhatsApp numbers are given, you can call us directly so that you also get its related latte and bread, you also know that the setting is set, hot talk, how to get in the Kesaria Textile Company Starting sari is made from ghee so money, you get a lot of designs in it, from Dani drain to some dam your test player test some heavy pattern score some addition in Zion, some in root you get a saree like Pimpri also found in bridal collection It means and if you get illegal designs at the same place, then let’s see it in nine and a half, but I would also like to show its color that how you are going to get the color in this way, then you can see that in some way you get its packing. This saree is celebrated with great safety and brightness and the pack is also very beautiful.


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It is done well, along with the colors in which you are going to get, you get very good light colors here, you can see that whatever color you get, all the customers like it very much, pay attention to that. Keeping this in mind, all this variety is made here so that the customer gets attracted at once because you all know that every customer who comes to our shop, they first want to see such quality here. We like our eyes very much, the variety is available here and in the same way, keep all these varieties that when the new year reaches the stop, if you celebrate your happiness, then why don’t you enter your sales, then all this related to him. Words you are going to get here, so there are such varieties, you can increase such a good margin in your sales and how you have to do your sales, you also get to know very well and if you do not know then it is a simple thing. Whatever customers join us here, then how to size them and how Rayudu has to keep and how and how can he bring more demands, that is what is told to you from here, that means you get all the facilities through our online team, when all the ideas are provided to you.


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Soon we have seen the colors of its catalog decisions, but how can you see that in this way you get the complete catalog so that you can easily show the customer that you are going to get so many colors that one Customers do not understand in the same color, that’s why it is very important for the customers to have a color combination, so New Zealand you can see right now I am showing you this saree in a strange fabric, which is a very good material and strange fabric is a specialty You all know that we get the shining shine in it, we get this shining and you can see very well here you get file printing, in saree, you only need Sunday cuttings. The whole saree is going to be available and you can see that it is going to be this pallu concept. That caste is going to be classic, very beautiful design in this you are going to get the complete file with printing and multiple colors were used and now they can only see which border you get for the whole file printing is in blue color and In Always Saree, you are going to get the booties of Boil Printing in such a way and you are also going to get the blouse very unique, in this way you can see very good you are going to get the blouse piece attached to the saree, this whole evening on the blouse Whose potato is found by the people as a whole, you get to see such beautiful designs every time in our Kesaria Textile Company because whenever you come here to visit, you will get to see some new material only because We are the manufacturer as well as the demand of the customers, how are the women who are women, when they are tested, no one can know in the clothes because they run according to the train, varieties like them which run in high demand. While they would have liked the variety very much. If the new design comes, you get something in a strange fabric only, in this way you get a light color chart and very good you are going to get the printing design in it and in this way you will get full border of stones The look goes to Delhi’s Waterloo that you are going to get and you are going to get very good flower printing here too, you can see very good you are going to get the color chart of this sari, full flower design You get and such variety it is very much liked, this saree is very good for office wear look, so you can join us to order now, give number on your skin It has been given that the numbers will be kept on the screen so that you can connect with us directly and it becomes easy for you to know about all these materials, in the same way, I keep bringing many contacts for you, you like hair more. Come, now tell us through the comment also, how else can you give varitis.

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You are watching or other how-to tests you like and you can watch all this world size sitting at home, which is live through video call and you can also come here to order any order that means even by coming to the sales office. If you visit, then you can take all the variety by hand in front of you, here we are delivered very well from here to you, so whenever you come to our place, it is yours. Numbers are given on the screen, you can come to us directly, the facility of Thick and Drop also comes to us, in the same way, I hope that you would have liked this video very much, that means the designs must have been very good and also I keep bringing a lot of collections for you and you are going to get more new collections, so just like this you are making our YouTube channel with us, now press the bell icon which is there so that you will get new to new varieties.

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