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Hello, I warmly welcome all of you to Himanshu Kesaria Textile Company, as I bring you many varieties, you get to see many world concepts, but today I have brought variety for you. It is special and such variety means that I am talking about dupatta, I keep bringing many videos for you in dupatta, in which I show you many collections, but today the designer is going to be all the different designs you will get here. And that too the normal wall designs that we like very much, so as you all know how the Kesaria textile company deals in both offline and online, you are offline’s juices, Kabir so you all the variety. You can purchase the mussels in the office and if you order all the variety sitting at home online, then the sales executives of our online team who sleeps take all the details from you that what kind of variety you want and its related to you periods also get the facility of So if you start your business then you can start all this business with minimum order of 25000.


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It is very easy to setup in that too so that the variety gets improved with you and it can be delivered to your home very easily, so now we start now by showing the variety how I am right. So in this first variety you are seeing, you get a very beautiful color flower design, it means that you are getting related to tied tasty here and in this you can see that in this way you get the design of the dress. You are going to get all this variety in a very beautiful way and the fabric that is going to be there is Najmeen chiffon fabric, which is a very classic material, so in this we will talk about new designs, you will get something like this. Net basis is going to be available and you get very good shining in it and Now you can see the fruit that will put you in this, the whole machine revolver has been done in it which is a very good collection and you can see the complete Rambo collection, we can say it is found in the DMK dupatta which you can see very soft It is very good material you are going to get here and in this also you get the design property of travels, then you get many such collections, so if we talk about packing, then in this way you get typing.


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You can see that you are going to get the whole set of Twenty20, in Colors, you get all the bright colors here, so to know about many such collections, you all know that the numbers given on your screen You have to call in the director and join us and from here you get all the details very well that how much budget you can take, how can you keep the variety like you are going to get the design or how many more you will get the website This is going to be seen, so now we move on to the new design. It is available in fabric and such dupattas are used a lot in a regular routine and you can see that in this also you go to different designs in its design, meaning the necklace is a fabric, the designs you are going to get It is going to be found in a very beautiful pattern and you get all the variety in the single color that you have, in some way it is demanded that if we want the beans in red color or in white color then you have to be particular.


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You get the whole concept in the same color here or in the same way, we go with some cotton basics which are dupatta, you can see this complete cotton material dupatta you are going to get, then cotton remains in high demand and to the customer. If you like it a lot, then you can see that here you are going to get its design, which we can also say pearls that you are going to get the whole machine attached very well and with proper cut it means give a half You get proper Quiet of meter and you are going to get good glass water which Very beautiful pattern you get here Liya and not hair remains in very high demand, whatever the demand present on Muslim, you can say, then you can see here you get the title of lace in some way, then this lace pattern related to gota leaf you will get And along with this, the concept that I am going to tie right now, which is the most classic design, means that this test is very much liked not only in Bollywood, not only in India but also abroad, then you can see very good here But in a good pattern, you are not going to get this complete hemp, you get the whole cut here, you get two and a half meters and in some way press here you are going to get that type of design, so its information is now in inches. Talking about it, you can see that in this way you will get complete packing of these four pieces.


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In the set that I will start in this manner and if I talk about the starting rate, then only thirty rupees are starting, which is a very effective rate in the dupatta, so now you can easily sell all this variety sitting at home. You can provide the customers very easily with a very good margin, so now we are going to add the neck design, the concept is going to be made in some heavy pattern, that means whatever design you are going to get here. You get a lot of concepts that means this 500 plus design, you get the property, then you can see that people who are going to have some accordion of all festivals or traditional look, you are going to get perfect in it, such a variety is dupatta. That you can see in it, in this way you get the complete Gota Patti lace design and the complete check pattern you are going to get in the colors that you can see the double stone color shade you are going to get means that of light and dark color. You get the shade perfectly from the variety, give it now The dupatta which is going to happen and cancer pattern is going to happen and you all know that there is still a lot going on and this means that the original saree is being liked a lot, so keeping this in mind some dupattas have been made.


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So you can see here you get the complete satin type border concept, you get it on both sides and you can see and in lover dupatta you are going to get the design of plastic mirror work in this way which is embroidery. With complete touchup you get here, but here you can see that in some way you get this and 10 in its design, which we can also call four cloves, so how many such varieties do you get in the Kesaria textile company? If there is any Surat then how come you must visit the Kesaria textile company once and you also get the facility of pick and drop which means that if you also come to the station, then the numbers given on your screen. Yes, you can call us directly, we also come to pick you up from here so that you can call directly. You can put it in a Kesaria textile company and see everything that is there now because you all know that Suraj, which is the biggest textile hub, you also get a lot of wholesalers there and now whenever we are at the sub-station But when we come, we also get many brokers, because of this, we drivers sleep, so keeping this in mind, you get here from the block level as well, so the next variety is going to be something like this. Which floor is available in Banarasi, you all know that Banarasi remains in demand every time, that means whether it is a function or not for regular routine, but yes, this Banarasi concept is a very demanding label, so in this we will see You can get the complete embroidery work here with multiple colors, you get this complete border concept, very nice wing design from both sides, here you get this saree variety with the proper finishing you get. You get the complete setup, in this way you can see the station from this area.

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The dupatta is made of Banarasi concept and here the set up of 5 to 8 inches from red is available here, you need a director or you want a lighter, every variety you get here, then the next design which is going to be on the artwork What is going to happen, we can also call the artwork design, in some way you get the complete pattern and colors also you can see how many good colors we talk about with the same design you are going to get here is very Here you get the classic design, that means that overall what is going to be its look, you get the perfect look here and would like to see its border concept which is of pallu which we can say which is very good you get here Something like this which looks very nice and and if you set fancy dress accordion on top of the dress then it will look very nice so many such contacts are available here if you want all the details So the numbers are given on your screen, you can call us in any language. If you want to talk, then every executive here can talk to you now, you can share all the things with them with free mind and you can also tell us by comment that how else you are going to like varitis then see you In the next video with the next variety, hope she stays like this with us, so thank you for now.

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