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Namaskar, I warmly welcome you all with new thinking and new direction through Textile Competition like every time we bring a lot of Paithani sarees in it but today the saree is going to be of cotton inside it. Inside, I know you all know that cotton is the most favorite thing of all because the variety it has, it gets very good competition and in the 12th month, the variety is very much liked by anyone. But everyone likes cotton very much from it You can see some very good painting design, you are going to get cotton pure cotton fabric in it and you can see that the sticker of this Kesaria Textile Company is also going to be on every sari. The catalog name is going to be there, this is going to be a catalog of sarees from us, in which you can see that You are going to get a very good design inside the printing that too in flower print and flower print You all know that whether this cotton saree which is a battery saree, the blouse design in everyone is very much liked.

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Now you can see that this is going to happen, in this way you get the pallu pattern which we see the check pattern which looks very nice and in this you can see the flower designs of multiple colors you will get It’s the length that I talk about, complete, you only get the Sunday plan complete with blouse piece and blouse piece, you can see that in this way you are going to get lining basis, then if this one is of variety cotton General If you want to see many such collections, then just call us on the number given on your screen and the director muscles have to fly away, if you want to see all this variety through video call, then that too you will get the facilities from here. If found, then move towards the new design, the nose design is going to be very beautiful because it The whole is going to come to you and it is also in cotton anyway, but the border you are going to get in this, you get a complete word of satin in this way, a WhatsApp message is sent which is very osm collection and which is from the total name Its catalog is going to be named, then there is going to be a catalog by name, then you can see that there is a very good pattern, the design which has been made, very nice design, this saree design has been made with very fine detail of fruits but now its The pallu part is going to be there, you get it in such a way, you can see that you are going to get such a beautiful pattern in this and the official accordion of such a sari also looks very good, something happens that some functions Normally, even those who wash a sari like it look very good in cotton, so whoever you are in it, every cotton sari in it looks very good, even then move on to the new design.

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It is in this way that you get art silk only, whose pattern connecting the border has passed. In this Quiet Golden Zari I am going to get you properly and as if you get the word of Banarasi type in it and if you ever come to Suraj, ready how to visit Ray Kesaria Textile Company which is only time from the station. In inches away, you will find a different key in the weblog 5303 12032 in the market, where all the variety of the box, which one can feel for themselves, means how the birds are going to meet you here but whenever you come once you can tell your schedule so that our Whenever you come to the station, the driver who comes from here comes to pick you up, so let’s see the designer who is going to be there, it is something like this.

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From this you get a very nice pattern, the pallu concept, you can see that very nice elephant type design you are going to get in it and what is going to add the whole border, according to this you get it from Vodafone here very nice design and what people gave here in a pin when this combination In this you are going to get it, it looks good that the variety that is there, it is looking very good, that means that the customers who sleep from afar are very much attracted, then it means if you do clothes business. And if you do business of sari in that, then definitely keep all such variety, from here we can say with a hundred percent guarantee that you are going to get a very good profit in that variety, that such variety is there on a regular basis. There is also official recording and then you only know that regular official which are not daily use things, then definitely keep such varieties off and from us this sarees cotton saree self starting from us 120 rupees Which is a very good benefit because here you are going to get all these saree designs in factory rate, then you can see that you get the complete pallu pattern in this way, you will get it complete, you will get complete finishing in it. together you get and over here No matter how many varieties you come to the Kesaria Textile Company, even if you want to buy, you can do that by becoming your lover, in the action policy, it sometimes happens that even if there is no variety oil, it is found.

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That variety which is one to bank by returning us and next to that you can take all the remedies according to your test because how here in Kesaria Textile Company you get the proper test of All India then you will get the next will make and which is a lot It is beautiful all buttons and you can see that in this way you get a bad pen, in dark colors you are going to get this whole saree and there is going to be a border of perspective, some name in this way which is very beautiful right you You can see that I am going to get a sari with a typing look and there is going to be a catalog named Rashmi, many such designs keep coming every time for the society but now with this cotton saree like every time we have videos way As the customers comment on us, one of the customers demanded cotton saree is us. If you want to see, that’s why I have brought a special video for her and all the variety has brought her test according to the cotton saree which has 65 very good designs you are going to get and this is the test you all know very everywhere If you like, then definitely keep all such sarees sitting at home, you can get all the variety which you have through video call and whose language is used in which all India map is used from anywhere, I get you all the facilities.

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Meaning that you get the sales executives from us in your own language, but the one whose catalog is going to be there, we would like to see that you are going to get such a beautiful design in it, now you can see all the designs in this way. The color combinations you get are also going to be very unique and whatever designs you get, you get that different design within the same lineage and if you like all the variety, then you have to get the whole asking tattoo set. That we deal here only in the hole setting, so many such deals are done. You are going to get the design here that if you get the ladies wear complete collection here, then we will meet you.

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