नई कलेक्शन के Designer Lace Border Saree | Latest Work Designs 2022 – Kesaria Textile Company Surat

Wholesale Saree Market in Surat: So friends, today’s video is going to be on the demand of some customers, it means that all the customers who watch our videos on YouTube and also support very well, then one of them is the customer who It is demanded that the variety of stones in the saree is to be seen there, so today you can see the same particularity on this side that I am going to show you the saree designs, that too stone work, it is going to be available all night. Let’s start Hello friends, how do I warmly welcome you all in Himanshu retail company and you all like a lot of variety here and whenever you come to visit, even when you see all the live LEDs, then you It is understood very well that how you are going to get the variety here, the truth is something else and the designs that are going to be available are going to be found in all the stone work, in this way you can see that your design is very beautiful.

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This saree design is available in full printing on the top of the all over saree and you can see some of it. In this way you also get border people which very well give you a classic border look and you can see that what this saree is going to be is going to be very good that means you can use it on regular basis also. And you can see that the design of the tiles you have been given is something that you get in such a way that you can see a very nice collection, you are going to get a very cute printed designer in a lazy saree and this one Sarees are very good Delhi sarees, you can see that the dream defect in it is very good, meaning this comfort is very good, in all these compliments and apart from this, you cannot see the printing design complete. You can see that with the same beauty, you can see that the design of multiple colors is very well mixed in it.

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You can also see that very cute color combinations are given in it. Fruits are absolutely royal and rich look in Everyone is going to tell the saree, half do the blouse too which you are going to get, printing in this way You get the blouse piece and as we tell you every time that you can see the lace quarter which is going to be the lace border you are going to get the full 9 meter lace border for complete complete with blouse piece with mean valve and You get complete people and complete variety here, now let’s see how the color is going to be in it, you can see the complete set and the piece you will get and you can also see the color very royal color because you are going to get it. In this, the printing design which is there, you get a set of teachers in a single packet and in that you get the different designs all around, even then soon the new design means what the designer who is going to be today is very much. You can see that this design is going to be beautiful, in this way you get this design, it is a very good color that all these varieties, the dark colors in it are more liked and you can see that in some way you will get Full roll number saree is going to be available, you can see half a good shadow, we get lighting in it and You are going to get the complete stone work in the sari because today’s video is that it can fall on the sari of special stones. In this too, you get her complete design on the side, you can see the border, and what is the red color word given here, it is also very classic you can see that Mary’s complete design is here for you. Well, the touch-up of the stones is also going to be received in such a way, all this variety is made very beautifully because the ladies who are there, they like this saree very much and this test is very much liked everywhere.

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So you can see that in this way you are going to get more designs in this entire available saree, very beautifully, by using multiple colors and keeping that in mind, this complete setup is done and you can see the blouse. In this way shark slide pen has got blouse piece meaning and lover Vikas look which is given It is a very good 1000 in this that you get all the varieties you are going to get in the set of for pieces, which rate if we talk, then you all know that the rating starts from the British here. If you take the variety of its accordion, then all the varieties that are favorite of its accordion change, then you can see that you can get contract blouses in this way, then how many such varieties are going to be found in the Kesaria Textile Company, so such The variety that is there is going to get its set, but how are the colors going to be in it, how are you going to get the price that you all know that we get started in aids, but whatever variety you like, you bed too According changes keep happening, so you should always keep in mind that if you want to know about them, then all you have to do is call the number dial top given on your screen and the director can talk to me online team then you will get full support.

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If you are going to get then let’s go next Variety I have this variety is also going to be very good like printed designer from all my devices, you know that I get very good designs on it and if there is regular basis, then very good in regular basis also We need demand from us because we need good quality even on regular basis, we need designer and the look that is going to come in it, we like very attacked snow people, so keeping that in mind, all these variations are made. So you can see that you are going to get a very nice full painting design, you can see how cute flower designs are getting because you told everyone that the flower design is liked by everyone, that means any ad’s tongue All of them like the flower design very much, then butter can see that very good you are going to find border people here, similarly many border people, many designs how you get in Kesaria Textile Company and Stone work complete complete that you are going to get and red saree In this you can see the color combination that you are going to get very good, here such sarees will definitely stop doing business with such sarees, there is a set of only countries and you get so many designs in For Pieces, then you must try this.

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Once you can see it is good that you are going to get a very good design in that page and you get the love design in this way which is going to be the complete fabric of the result which is very soft and very comfortable feel. In such a variety, anyway, now we see a lot of variety, how do you like a lot of variety in the Kesaria Textile Company, so keeping this in mind, the customer tells a lot of time, why not like how-to-tests, then every time. If you take care of everything, then you can see that you are going to get a very good design here, very good black combinations because there are dark colors, they are very much liked in these things, then you can see that the whole you The border is going to be found in this way, the design given in the saree Ting design is something like this way you get the combination of multiple colors you are also going to get here stone vans also you get it means complete you have all this variety with many designs you are going to get that now sometime Also, how come you must visit the Kesaria Textile Company once and not from the saree, you all know that you are going to get many different types, then you can order them too, now sitting at home, you can get all these varieties. Whatever you like in all these varieties, you have to take a screen shot, the numbers given on your skin, you just have to message and you get the cylinder on the appointment on its related, what is going to happen with the red. And then there is more problem then all you have to do is make a video call and then through couple you can watch all the variety s online means all this variety now life can also judge how brightness you get So you can see that the whole check pattern is going to be very good in the neck design.

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You are going to get this full variety and you can see the colors too, you are going to get very good color combinations in it, so long as I have borders, in this way you get orange color in such a small flower design. With and border people, you can see that in this way you are going to get a very beautiful border look, in the whole saree, you get the stones that you are going to get in the check pattern, that too in this you will get many more variety. We get what you all know that we have less vitamin then we are not able to show you so many more variety, we keep in mind that if we keep showing it to ourselves, then many more like you have now Whatever variety you like from watching whatever variety you like, you can tell in the video by comment or else which variety you want to see and also keep updating yourself that you all know how this Kesaria Textile Company gives you all Test of Over India you get the place that with the above collection of Ladies Way, there is so much essence in the designs. I find that the customers like it very well, so if you want to see the face, you can do some visits through online at two sim o’clock. With the next video, many more new collections are going to come here that whatever the variety is here, you don’t get the new collection every time, so now whatever information you want, then the number on your skin It has been given that you call with a simple thing, join our online team, from there you get all the variety and all the updates very well, any support you need, then that too is fully added from here. That’s how in the Kesaria Textile Company, the customer’s variety of jeans also goes from here, along with it, everything that happens in the system is also very easy to get because as there are exams, from starting to end, it means every single step. But she supports you very beautifully, so see you for the next minute in the next video. Thank you for me in this regard.

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