ज़्यादा मार्जिन से कपड़े कैसे बेचना है, सूरत के जाने माने साड़ी मैन्युफैक्चरर – Kesaria Textile Company

Saree Factory in Surat: Hello friends, all of you are welcome in Kesaria Textile Company, I am Phoolchand Prajapati with new thinking, new direction, today I have brought a new topic for you friends, all people shop like this, some people start new business from home and some people You enter the shop, but the thing is that your sale is decided on the basis of how you keep the product You sell the product to any customer, but later he experiences such that the goods that he had brought are cheap, but he is expensive, why is he expensive because he does not give any value by creating any value in his life. Even if you take the goods as cheap and what happens in the last that if you are not creating balloons in his life, that means he is not taking advantage of him, there is a cloth from normal that I will take the matter. It looks good to see any cloth, but if you want it once but you need it If it improves then it is not the value of the cloth, the cloth is definitely good to show others but you do not understand your value, then the customer will never come to you because you have snatched what he lacks, you have only given the look and comfort.


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If it is taken out of hand, it is very important to tell the benefit without telling the benefit, if you guide the customer whatever is there, then it will be a loss and he will never come to your shop again, so you have to pay special attention whether it is new staff and If you are doing business from home or you are putting in a shop, if you are doing such a stop clothing business, then in this I would like to tell that you should do Jogi business, it must be a very clear cut benefit and give the benefit to the customer. There are a variety of things, I would like to tell here that any customer takes goods from you, first he should be benefited, whereas the clothes I am wearing should be according to my fitting and the biggest thing is that it should be perfect 549 something You must have seen in clothes, it keeps happening in wearing, but if you wear it for 1 hour If you wear a ta, your mind starts sharpening, then such things happen, you have given it to another customer, but friends, what happens there that those feelings are not able to come from inside, then the value of your shop for it is absolutely – I go, so whenever we select clothes, then what should we think that we should give a good overall look along with less cost, if I talk about any product, then along with the value of a product in it. What is meant by gold, it should be necessary that how is its overall look coming, that is, the product should also be good to look and it should be verified in his life that the customer is taking it from you, then only you can send it expensive.


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What happens is that often there is a big problem in selling expensive products to the shopkeepers brothers or people who are selling from home, why there is a problem because we do not know about the real benefits of the benefit that happens and neither do we know about any of the benefits. The manufacturer who is the real manufacturer also guides you how to get the benefit of clothes. It is necessary to tell the customer that a woman who has come to get this sari has come to you, then you have a lot of variety, but you will not understand her until she is comfortable, she wants to use her in daily wear, you want her party wear. The fancy item I want to use is such that you have to explain it according to it, there are many people like this who do not tell about the drive today’s sarees, that this drive is their sarees, it will have to be dry cleaned. Or in this way, now the color goes in it or some such things become a problem, then what happens there that the customer who is there will not come again to the shop because he will tell others also, it does not tell you the full benefit. Also know if this thing is dry clean, then the customer must like that it is in the soft habitat or if this hard bass will wash it in direct water, then it can be a problem, Rohit can leave it in it, it can be many things.


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What is the benefit, you must tell him and how is he using it. See, if anyone takes his product as if it is a branded product, then there is a lift which is there for use and instruction, it is definitely installed inside it, that is why it is thought that how to use it in electronics items and much more. Everything is attached to all the items, the association of clothes, if you are using any good thing, if you are using a good brand, then you also get things in it, in the same way I would like to tell you someone from Kesaria Textile Company You also take goods, you keep them at your shop, you sell at home, you get complete information in every product, because here is the facility of the victim, which is the fabric we keep in the victim, that is, the juice is real in the fabric. The thing that is used in the fabric, you get everything written there, 40 years of experience that you get here, that’s why I am telling fun because if any photo in a textile industry is an establishment from this company so what is the biggest thing that your There is a trust that is being given to the product, now if I talk about trust, then it is very important to understand the test as well as the benefit that is being created in the life of the customer, it is very important to understand if If you do not tell the benefit of that thing to the customer, and through what value is created in his life, then even after giving any benefit of what you are, he will never remember you customer. So friends, you must remember that whatever product you are selling, whether it is female or cheap, it must create a value in the life of the customer and at the same time it should also have benefits, it should be confirmed, it should be flexible. As well as what is there in the proper range in which the sari or thing is made, that value of the product should be fulfilled, like I talk about any whole, we have 36 sarees here, you have a proper cut.


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I get it, there is no shortage of cut in it, astrology is getting you in writing, that thing is proper. Because what these things happen is that the customer sometimes takes goods from you and you sell this product on one thing through demand, you send it very cheaply, whatever you mean in that means the product or you just sell it. If you do not want to understand the benefit or do not want to tell the benefit, then what will happen there that the customer will take the goods from you but if you do not ride it, then he will never come again because the experience he will get in life will be yours to others as well. If you tell the evil of the shop, that’s why I want to tell that if you are buying any product from any company to sell, then after doing a thorough investigation about it, it is necessary to recognize the fabric of this method and also you need to recognize the real fabric. While there is manufacturing, one can tell which fact tree is which particular, which is the fabric of variety and also friends test is there printing there or if you are getting variety in work, then you will find all kinds of things there. Maintenance will be available, the information remains written, if the information remains clear, then sell I also do not have a problem because often people start business from shopkeeper or home but do not have knowledge of clothes, so they are not able to guide their customers, so friends, I would like to tell you if you ever join us here.


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If you want, I would like to tell friends, you get a lot of benefits from here, how do you understand how to sell to the customer, what value will be given to him and his life by creating that cloth, that too you get all the things from here. Experience is very important. It happens and the value of that customer is created on his defeat, so if you have any question related to business, have some such information or how you are growing in Hegde’s business. So you are angry right now by calling on the number given below and get information from me that we want to start a new startup and what are the things that keep facts and how can we move forward in life in this way If you want to take the business forward, then there are many influences on the customer and The orientation is customer relationship builder building, so if you keep the information about this method, then only you will be able to satisfy your customer who is there and a customer with a hundred percent satisfaction is going to give you four different customers, so this you don’t miss you. Whatever you have to pick up the phone, you have to call me on the number given below, get information about how the products are in us, you can also talk about it with our active as well as would like to tell this thing, you can belong in any language No matter what language you are speaking, South Indian language, you are the language of nine more, you belong from any X Y Z state, you call here, if you are having problem in Hindi and English, then you are in your own language.

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You can easily talk in the language in which you are complete, only from the number given below and I would like to tell that or if you want to see our collection, then the Facebook page of social media that Sharia Textile Company you can go to You can search in the one you have on Facebook, you can also find the link there and what is access. You will get the rest by going to Google also, you can search there about Kesaria Textile Company, you can extract information from there, what kind of product is there, that too complete information will be found there, but friends tell this thing in the last I would like to add, you will have to call from the number given below, then you will be able to join us and only then you will be able to get the information in actual, then I hope you have liked the video informative, if you liked it then definitely press the like button and if more Also you want to get information, you want to get information related to business or how you want to grow your business, for that information you will have to tell me by commenting below, I am definitely going to cover the video in that topic in the next time, so don’t miss the lady finger And give new dimension to your business in 2022, it is needed for a top level, with this, I enter this topic here, the rest I get that according to your comment in the new topic, I will create you in the new topic till then. thank you!

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