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Nighty and Gown Wholesale Market: I warmly welcome all of you from Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking and new direction, but today’s video I have brought for you means what is going to be variety, it is going to be very good as you can see There are very good collections, you notice that you get the nightwear collections here, you are going to get one to one design, but whatever design I have brought for you, you are going to get all the cotton dresses, we have like now But what I have specially brought for you today is not cotton fabric, you are going to get it, so as if I have shown you all the variety, but still you must be thinking that what is its price going to be, then about the price Before knowing, it is important to see all its designs that how we are going to get the design, so let’s start with what variety you are going to get, so first of all, what is the height, you are going to get this complete test, torch light weight and you can see It is very good its cotton material and you can see next in it.


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In this way, a very nice pattern has been given to you in the embroidery work, which looks very unique because the nightwear which is special is worn in the night, but which app gets a lot of designs in that too and you see Can be very good here you are going to get printing and at the same time what is printed on the element is basically it is also very much liked and this design looks very tasty and you can see and You are going to get a free size for the whole night and you can see that here too, you also get the complete printing design in the same way in the whole bottom, means the refund means the overall look which is going to be the best it is going to be And the sleeves you can see are huge, with this you get all this brightness in regular slip size you are going to get many such contacts here but there is one more special thing in this which is that you will get this whole chain This means that if you get the chain attached to the neck which is divine, then there are many such things. Ray which now you get many designs here, now everyone knows how to get the Ladies Rekha Complete Collection from a textile company which is a manufacturing company, because there is a lot of benefit of being a manufacturing company. Whatever variety is made, we get many new funds on our own, so soon you will get new design neck designs in cotton but this design which is going to be made is going to be very addictive and that means the neck which is in it.


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But you are going to get the design, you will get it by typing in some way and you can see here you are going to get a very good combination of buttons and whatever variety there is in such a place, it is free size. And there are varieties like comfortable, it is very much liked and in this you can see that you also get pocket attached here, you can see that means in this way if you want to keep the phone also you have money too. If you should keep it, then it can be kept in it very comfortably and you can see such Jasleen, so come Pako, in this way, you get the skirt look and the design you can see how great the design has been made in it, then the variety that is made from it, if you are running a job or if you are some women business sitting at home They have setup, they must keep such varieties of them that the varieties which are in regular use are the things which basically everyone needs, whether it is old design irrigation new concept and whatever new concept happens, everyone follows it. That the new variety that is tested by ladies is more attracted to it, then the new design which is going to be neck design, I am not going to get you printing because today whatever variety I am going to show you in Printing with Embroidery that you It is going to be found in it, you can see it is a very good color and the special design given in it is the flower design, it looks very beautiful and you can only see the sleeves, you get very good sleeves, here you get full free Size means that here you have to double excel M size also.


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If you want, you can get that too in our textile company and you can see on one, in this way you get the complete design of the lace, according to the double stone border and here you will get the facility of peace. It means that you get the chain attached here, you can see that there is a whole variety of very comfortable in such a way that the women who have such a nightie for their comfort, they like it very much, new to nightwear Let’s go to the design, in the next design, you are going to get something in this way, which is going to be the design of the neck, you are going to get a different look in every nighty, you can see the variety here, some buttons in this way The people have been given to you, let me do this button, here you get it and with that here you can see the stitching that has been done, you get the phone line stitching, here you get the complete design concept here. The color you are not going to get black but the pocket that is going to be in it You can see that in this way you get a pocket, here is the design, the design of the pocket is given in it, the pocket is very much liked, but even here now you are going to get a sleeves briefcase completely free Size is not available but you get full sleeves and color combinations you get a lot of starting if we talk about it, then you get covered in this way, you will get full set of ₹ 3 packing in this way.


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And you can see, here you also get a catalog so that you can see more people and many more you have to do this to know about their design, send your skin, the number given is call you in the director We have to join the hope, you get all the facilities from the rest of the online team, that means if you want to know its price and if you want to see the design which starts, then you also get the victim’s decision so that you can also see the color combinations This is how good color combination you are going to get, so soon new designs in new designs are nothing special. Because cotton is lace, then you all know that there are many designs available in cotton that are very good, you can see that here too you have some piping that you are going to get and You can also see the color combination that the pink color combination given with blue looks very special and here also you get the attachment of china means that you will get the chain here too so that its look is what it is. Comes very well and you can see here also you get sleeves, it is also very important to release in this way because the nighty which is there, we also get it in lycra but the variety it is cotton The message is that what is in cotton, the attachment of please is very important, let’s go with tulsi, neck design on the next side you are going to get in guava districts, in this way you can see, in this way you get the whole printing design You are going to get the flower concept in this and here you can see but you can see that in this way we look very nice to you everyday.


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People get such variety in six designs, it is made very beautifully because such variety is liked by men so much that good night way, the freedom they need for this is such a lightweight time. If it is found, then how many such apps are found in the textile company, so if your sun also goes, then once more our sales officer is there, you can also beat so that you can see all the variety which is there. You can see not only Nitis ji, you all know that you get land survey complete collection, that means Saree School 30 Leggings Dupatta Blouse and petticoats like material like Surya and now the law has also started manufacturing means a customer of its demand Very well taken care of and you keep telling us through comments also share your opinion with us that what kind of variety do you like, even then let’s go next video in next variety you can see next variety too Something is going to be very classic in this way which means you can see You are going to get a complete Jaipuri test in this and the look given here has given you a complete angry look in this way and here you can see that the design is given here that it is looking very classic. And you can also see the sleeves, in this way you get the printing border and at the same time the whole element which is the account concept, you are going to get people in such a way, here also you get the whole border people here and here The design of the peacock is made and the pattern of the check which is found in it means why the overall look which we talk about is going to look very good and such a variety sleeps starting to all of you like I told that again starting from it But if you want its seat back then you also get it and you are going to get a lot of color combinations, that means the colors which are used in regular routine, you get the same color here, so new designs I am going to tell you blouse design then from your lot but we get many more designs here.

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But we are not able to tell you much in the video because we have bed time limit, so according to that we have to tell you all the variety then you can see here which you are going to get the design on next means that people who are going to come That’s what the skirting looks like, how you get the design here and you can see the piping you have been given here means that you get it with very good color combination and in this also you can see very good From here you are going to get the chain’s design here, in some way and you can see that’s why you get the whole printing design in this way, you are going to get something like this and you will get the full full size here. If you want more size then you get x n double excel hum size like I just showed you packing you can see in this way you get packing and here you are mentioned which one you need If you are going to get the size, then here you can see that you are going to get the free size, which means that Khari well means that Everything is mentioned on the barcode system you are going to get above the packing, what kind of fabric you are going to get, what is the price of such a size you will get, it is mentioned in the details and with that if we If you order all this variety online sitting at home, then you get your related translation and you can get many more information from the online team like what is going to be its rate and some other questions sleep like we If you do business of night dress only, then how can they start, then you get all those details from our online train that it is very difficult to start a business and it is also very difficult to understand that how our textile Full attention is given to the company whose customer we connect with, he is fully supported from here at every step, so we hope that you will add seven of us like this, keep telling in their nature, share your opinion with us. And we get angry with him even more that how else do you If you bring variety for you, whenever you come here, you will get all the collection which is going to be a new collection every time, then you will get the next variety in the next video, thank you for now !

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