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New Business Opportunity: Friends, welcome to all of you in Kesaria Textile Company, I am your friend Pulchand Prajapati with new thinking, new direction, friends have brought a very good solid content because if there is nothing to do in business, then that idea is very much needed for your skin. I talk about improving that if you want growth in business, then I am going to tell you in these five skills, five skills are going to be very important, which skill if you keep in your life, you are more educated, well educated or you are normal The education you have taken does not matter, but it does matter that if you use that skill, that is, if you bring that thing into practice, then you can take what is in your business to great heights. Doing any business, whether you do business of clothes or do business of anything, you will definitely need these things, now in every business, I am going to tell you what is complete today. What are those five skills on the basis of which you can start your business very quickly? If you can give growth, then friends are the first skill and I would like to tell here that whatever plan you make, like it is said that if you want to do business, then you have to make a plan to do business, if you make a plan, then follow this plan. Whatever plan you have made, the plan that happens is always a return, if you keep the plan in mind, then you will forget it at the second time, so sir, whatever plan of xy y z you are making, then whatever step it is You write it down and what it is, you have to keep it a secret, any who are relatives in your friend circle, you do not have to share it, yes join your business that if there is any person in it, whether you have family members or any of your If you keep a plan with your partner, then you can openly share it, but you do not want to share it with your basic Joe cigarette, I mean to say simply that there are many things that happen with normal people.


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People who are normal, they keep asking, sometimes their relatives can sometimes want such relatives to talk to friends Hey, what are you doing in free time, what happens today is that we talk about our mind with others, but there people make fun of you, those who decide, do a lot but you have planned for a long time. If you haven’t done it till today, then what will you be able to do, so I would like to tell that if you are planning anything, then you do not have to tell the feeling of this plan to anyone, the first is my basic and which is the most important point. The second biggest important point of all that happens is that we should learn to focus on those who are our customers, that is, one of the biggest things is the skin that if you are skilled in the art of speaking, then the biggest art after that. Here comes the art of listening and the second term in customer acquisition, if you say that if you can listen, then you can understand the next thing, then what is the first thing that happens to you? Listening should be that at what point the customer is speaking, sometimes friends, you must have also seen that we go to a shopkeeper or sometimes something.


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If you go to get X Y Z clothes or anything, then what happens there that the shopkeeper shows or tells you everything without understanding, then what happens there that then it is clear to be sold Can’t understand what he wanted, did not understand his customer, but without understanding him, he told everything, so what is not there for the customer, we can not understand, even then we tell, then this is our minus point. Now here I would like to tell the same thing that without saying anything or not, you have to remain silent by doing more than what is here, in which if you remain silent then the next customer who has come to you is his need. Whatever the requirement is, he will share it with you completely, so it is said that friends, it is very important to listen before speaking, if you want to know anything, then first of all you listen to the next person, let him say what he wants to say, come to him. That whoever has come from you has come to meet you to get the product, then you will definitely keep it and when its acc The ident will come only then he will be able to share his mind with you, my two which is the important point, the second number, you should acquire it especially in your skills, the third one is the most important, friends, it is called credit tums i.e. the most in liberal business. I say it is a termite eatable thing, it means you want to start your business and start it with a big accident, sometimes we send something from home or shop for it but both the things apply here There are many people will come for you, they will connect with your relation and at the same time, those people will come to you for the credit, they will stop for generosity, friends, we cannot call anyone a director.


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But what to do is to ignore him for credit for maximum credit to the customer, about his status, relieve him a lot, like sometimes I give an example, sometimes I am an X Y Z anyone, man that your Comes close if he’s doing a job You are asking me about how is your job going well, as it is going on, then he would have understood that whatever it is, but the one who does not have the money problem and it has its own requirements. has come about, then when you are understanding this requirement and understanding its status, status means that only those who say that they have communication skills, the status is known only by that, then now it comes after that if they If the guy talks to you anything, then X Y Z you will understand that it is not the case that he will take the goods from us and in the last look at the quote from us, and again and again and again and again, don’t worry about money. For that, if you ignore this thing in your business, then it is of great benefit to your customer, then the best idea to ignore is that it stays here, know its status, see it, ie We have to fight with the customer, your life is going very well and if you keep this product, then whatever is there in your life, you will enjoy it. I have to impress whatever you are saying to him with your words, my for point comes friends, he comes that no one is perfect, this is not if you are doing any business, sometimes people think that whatever If we do business, we will invest a lot of money, after that our business will grow very quickly, but what is the meaning now that what is the matter of skin, what are the customer communication skills, now if you keep this school, understand the customer And share it according to your understanding, then gradually you start wearing it according to your likes, then a person who is not perfect in his life, things are learned only from experience, sometimes people mean that I say that why do you invest in very little money, because if you have earned your hard earned money, save that money somewhere, keep it daily life for your life, now suppose your budget is One lakh or 2 lakh, whatever is your budget, then I say that you start with 40 50 thousand and the rest half.


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Keep it to yourself, keep it with you, if you do not have the money, if you do not have the knowledge, how to set the budget, I have more videos, you can watch my videos on my YouTube channel Kesaria Textile Company there Come subscribe the channel, you will be able to see many videos of this method, where your business has to reach the heights very quickly, then if you keep all these schools, then I claim that very soon you will keep your skills. When you oppose your fans, it also comes to the point that as you now suppose that sometimes we have operational jobs, some such accounting jobs have become offices where we have not done sales, then we have done a little. We are a bit shy so we are not able to tell our things to the customer, then there are many things that happen there, we have to learn, so I say this thing that if you start small and climb the city vice city, then what is your loss There is not going to be any profit, now here comes the thing that when you will not lose then your Gradually the development will start, so I say that you start with less money, at a very low cost, then you can easily order this product from us here, then you can easily order from only 10 thousand rupees and if you want Let’s talk about starting it, start a business, clothes want to start an effective business, which is a very profitable deal, look at today’s time, bread, cloth and house are basic needs, now who needs clothes through values There is no need, everyone has to put the body and it is subordinated, friends, everyone has to keep their sleep, in that even the cheap stops the expensive person, what is the need that a person has sleep and where there is sleep, the person who has to spend money If you have to become perfect there, then you have to become perfect gradually with practice, but friends say that the path will end only when you start, when you start walking, otherwise faith will never end. Whatever is going to happen, understand the points of the customer, know what you are perfect.


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That he has come to you with what requirements, only then he can fit on the basis, one of the most important last point I would like to share in front of you is that we use mobile for communication, nowadays digital media has become used. Digital era is going on, friends, with the digital age, you should use whatever digital things are, detail things mean that the contacts are kept, sometimes the customer who is the customer, we share the information to the customer, so Friends, I would like to tell here that whoever you share your number with the customer, create two profiles for it, nowadays, the phones that are common in your phone, two SIM phones come, do not use your personal number for business and now why Do not do that too I am going to tell you and the other number which is the number which is the business number giving professional number, you should also keep it in your sim because sometimes it happens that the things we share in online also or If you send people about it, will the customer ever be yours any time from the future? If the phone comes near, then you should have an idea here that you have kept your business number in such minutes in sim one, that is, you can write it as it is, by taking the numbers there, then you will get the business point. It will be the idea that this customer has got the number i.e. my WhatsApp number or whatever number is received from his side or from anywhere, from the internet you will get the idea that who is the question to you, who is the customer calling from here.

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If so, what will be the way of talking to you, on the phone, they can talk very easily in this way, now they can understand in the professional way and if it happens sometimes you are at Noorul place then we used to talk here So whatever we have is a problem, then if you are getting a call in business, then you can go and talk directly to him in a quiet place, so I would like to tell that then in point that you are the business number. Keep and keep a personal number, you can keep your family member relationship for all of them, so today friends, I have shared this point for you, it is for you. You can protest very quickly in business, if you make these one wire, that is, the apps that you remove in your life, then you can bring growth in your business, in this way you want to see your content and collection if you are ladies wear If you want to see the variety that is there, if you have already planned to do business on your own or you and I have not started the business yet, you are thinking that once you must visit the Kesaria Textile Company, I will tell in the address, by the way, you will get it in butter cream. Millennium Textile Market is in Surat, Surat Textile Hub is located in Gujarat, you can come here directly, what is the rest of the information if you want to get the product key, pick up the phone now and call on the number given below. If you connect with me, then take this more complete information, friends, if you want to see the correction, even if you have the pages of our company on Facebook Instagram pages, you can visit here complete complete information from there you can hope I do friends, you must have liked the video if you like If you have come, then you must press a like button and friends, if you have any questions related to this game in your mind, then definitely write in the comment once because until you write in the comment, I will give you From today onwards, I will not be able to understand what kind of problem you have, what kind of business do you want to start, if you have been thinking for a long time that the business has to start and you have not done it yet. Once you must try whatever is there, don’t try the business, you start and with this gradually you will become perfect gradually and together you will take your business to the heights, then in this way you start your business. And see you with kamna vishwas with a new video thank you till then thank you and thank you for watching!

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