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Designer Work Saree Wholesale Surat: Hello friends, welcome to all of you in Kesaria Textile Company, I am those few prajapati friends as you all know that the season is going on as of now, like January is February, this is March-April, so this is the season that lasts till May. Friends, it is often the season of marriage, in such a sequence, which is often the requirement of the customers, there are some good collections that like such a collection so bridal may be semi-bridal and people are also very attractive, then in this way which is a lot of sarees Square sarees are needed in print by doing more of what is needed in it, with a lot of squares of lace, in the angle set of queen lace, then friends, you must have understood my point.


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Correction I am going to show you that collection printed as well as class variety, you will find very good variety here, if I talk about starting, how we have what you have in textile company, how to make sarees from ₹ 100 Collections are available in wholesale, there is all variety, friends, the best What is the big thing, you get 40 years of experience here, Kesaria Textile Company Max and so far if I talk about it, every year we have 20,000 new customers coming to us, then in the same way you can also do your business. You can start sitting at home, you don’t have to pick up the phone, call the number given below, talk about it, I am going to show you in more designs, you are going to see very collectible designs. Here you can see the first designs by double entry by double name, here you are going to get the catalog, see the green color being tested as well as the pink color you will get the work here and the collection you see the unique collection I am showing you the lace you will get here the collections are going to be very nice and the print you see how much texture sprint is going to come It is very wonderful 180 and talking about the cut then here you will get a cut of 36 Colors is fully guaranteed You take the goods for 6 months, whatever you do, there is no such problem, then friend. So what is going to be right here, you can see very good variety, the full variety you get here is going to be designed in this way, the concept is very good, you can see here the full concept is going to be done in this way of the whole saree. I would like to show you that photo, how the image is coming and see the printed concept is complete, Georgette has been made on it, you see how wonderful the work is, you will get dip printing in it in 3D printing.


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You will get the color chart on the theme which is very good, let me show you the color chart in which way the blouse is coming, then you are going to get the blouse in this way here, friends, colors are very attractive in it and a lot more. You can see the total colors that you are going to get, you can see very good designs in this set of pieces and you get colors here in the soil, friends, you can see the very attractive classes you get here, you can see each and every color among themselves. I have enough uniqueness, it is polluting so much Whatever it is, you can earn very good profits in the business of sarees, you can see the neck line, there is going to be a very great design and here is going to be a chiffon saree, there is going to be a lining border and here you You will get the complete line work in the work you can see with the print, you are going to get the work of this kind of fruit here you are going to get very wonderful design which is showing you the queen lace with very wide lace to you Talking about the variety here, it is going to be a great variety, you can see that the fabric is of very good quality and the full lining is given on the bottom side of the saree. Here you have to mix the water of the complete queen lace and also friends, you see how wonderful the concept of the saree is, you see the whole variety of black in you, one by one, the Kesaria Textile Company here provides all these designs by manufacturing it. Friends, if I talk about color in this, then what is in front of you? Here you can see that the taxes that are coming here are to be cataloged, you can see the total colors that are coming here, you will get very good juice here and you will see the chart of colors, how wonderful ours is.


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you are getting wing work here in the printed concept, each one is a jumla design, it is a unique design in itself and if you want this type of design then you have only one option where you can use Kesaria Textile Company. If you do, you get a lot of variety, you are able to see how much stock is not going to be short of stock, I can guarantee this hundred percent and can not say with full claim that the variety that we have in Surat will give you If you will get it and it is going to be found somewhere, then you get only one option that there are many options here along with variety, you can take whatever blouse you have along with the saree, you can do the work of raya kurti but Can work as a dupatta and at the same time friends can also work as a lehenga, so the suit material Lehenga and many more varieties are available here, you were going to be the one from the collection that next I will take out the litchi cat fever is going to happen. The concept is amazing. The print is litchi bindi work. You can see it’s not a perishable thing. It is not going to be missed. Friends, you can see here that the whole sari which is the concept is very good, which way you get this sari, go in this way the test is you are going to get the work in the whole living in the queen lace On which design you are going to have a lot of them coming, in this saree you can see a working thing, you will get the proper work of litchi bindi here, you are going to get the whole saree and Honey Singh will be very good. Also, friends, the blouse given here, you can see in this way.


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It is very good texture with whatever it is, you get the designs here and if I talk about the design in this, then you can see the very unique design friends you get, which I have shown you pieces like that. Attractive piece is what the look is going to come after wearing, you can see that if you want all this variety, then Kesaria Textile Company is the only option for you, where you can take all this variety, friends, very good variety to you. Only one way can be found in the textile company, there is no shortage of goods, there is going to be a way from the owner, you will get complete designs here, you will get 6 months full label warranty, none of our goods designs are sold to you six After a month, they can take their second design of the exchange, sometimes customers are also afraid that if we do, then that design will not be sold, so we have given this facility and would also like to tell that any piece dry Damage happens or any color is miss print, you can return anytime with nex I would like to write with lace, it is coming with a very unique design, it is going to be a printed concept, you can see how great the tax of the saree is and in this way the people who have a very amazing look in the saree are very friends Brilliant reference Reddy, today I am showing you the complete method of this method, you can see only money sari but textures, see how wonderful it is going to come, its color has been kept in the same way as it is normally and a very wonderful variety is shown in front of you.


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I am finding that in this way you can see that this blouse is also coming in a very good blouse, in this way the blouse is going to be full blouse design, you can see quite attractive girl that I get this variety, we have color in it If I talk, you can see that there are going to be a lot of colors here, in this way the color chart appears in front of you. You can have many designs here in front of you, this is also a lot of variety of sale here But the printed concept is there, there is no shortage of variety, you can sit at home and order it from here and now there are many more collections, I show you that too, then you can see how good variety I am showing you here With printed, which is going to have a variety of class There is convenience, friends, the goods you select, you can order all the designs from here in the evening and when I talk about friends and ID, then you can see this whole saree in your magnificent 180, you are going to get the full design, like friends. That I told you that I am showing you the design concept of work with print and you can see the variety of designs, if you get these designs in very good variety then you will get this variety in full length and also this work of blouse to you It is going to be available and friends, there are many designs in it, so you Rike’s designs will be found, you can see that you are going to get very color flower designs, the color chart is also going to be very good, I would like to show four colors in this, you will get the color chart in this way, you can see it is very beautiful It’s ok, sit at home, get the goods, whatever you take, you can do business very easily in a very easy way, it is not necessary that the business is done with increased cost. Business is what you can set up from your home, even in the minimum budget of 10,000, you can pick up the phone, call on this number below, get more information from us, how we want to start business, how are you ready to start business Are you ready now, you are just watching the video, tell me by commenting in which way you want to do business so that I can help you completely, then friends, if you liked the video, then definitely press like, which will increase my anger, I will make you much more I will be able to show all the designs, there are many collections, but we try to keep more and more.

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Show you more corrections you want to see more in Surat you know in Gujarat you visit Surat in Gujarat there is Millennium Textile Market there you will get Kesaria Textile Company complete here one is going to get collection from one to B block first floor three Thousand 3132 is your shop number, it is away from the tension to come, there is a Millennium Textile Market on the Ring Road, at a distance of kilometers, you can eat very easily and friends, whenever you come, we get the facility of pickup at the station from here. And whenever you come, before that you must inform us by calling on your number below, pick up the phone now, get information now, how do I have to start business sitting at home, don’t have time, how to move money, that’s all You can know all the things sitting at home, so if you like the video, then do like it and tell us by commenting when you are going to start business, then I get in the same way in a new video till then thank you thank you.

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