लेडीज सूट शॉप बिज़नेस शुरू करें | New Shalwar Kameez Design | Salwar Suit 2022 – Kesaria Textile Co

Salwar Suit Manufacturers: Hello friends, how will your friendship be with Mansi and you warmly welcome all of you with new thinking and new direction from the company, you get all the material from here, you many customers cooperate with us very well. Meaning many who share your opinion with us spread well and likewise many who do variety of purchases, your profits are also very good like there are many customers who come here and that is the right use. We also do the ideas that you get, they go by implementing the same, so that means we get so much support, that’s why we can get it and we bring a lot of variety for you, then let’s start.

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Today, what I have brought for you, you are going to get the suitcase material in such a way that you can see that the time of Lucknow, which is going on in very high demand, means that everyone is very much liking the variety of its agility. That’s why 38 of the chicken work has come out in that which is Lucknowi kurti, so why can’t you just make it good? You are able to get it but you can see that you are getting the material of this complete suit, in this way you are going to get the complete embroidery work, the work of the sequence given to you is also very well mixed and you can see on the border. You are going to get the sequence design only in some golden color and you can see that you are going to get the design behind the neck, it is given to you in very good Ashraf as you can see the accordion of the cutting also you get all these variations. And the concepts are mixed very well in it and you can see what is the root basis, this is the whole variety and in this you can now see what effect you are going to get, in this way you get the level of the team together with you in it and You are also going to get the bottom mayor along with you, that means you will get the full kurti of the right meter and only two and a half meters you are going to get the complete collection in the bottom and together with the dupatta that we talk about, then you will see something like this.

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You can get the complete najmeen dupatta in it, it is a very nice collection full border bronze. You have got wrapped in a similar design from all sides and you all know that whatever variety is made here, all the varieties of very good quality are made and the material that is going to be there, you will find many materials in it. It means cotton basis, add root jam and many more Jaipuri which you get here, so if you have any variety in Patiala or churidar variety or in some class tourist places, every variety will give you one hand. I mean how this textile company is going to get you, then we can see the new design is going to be very good in the new design, so in this way you can see its pattern and salt you are going to get cotton message only. Well you get a lot of collection which you are going to get with multiple trading and you can see the border in the water which goes in a very nice pattern you are going to get the design of the samosa lace and which you are going to get the water in it There is some way you get black color, you can see black color You are going to get this whole concept that means the dupatta which is going to happen is going to be two colors you can see this way you get chanderi dupatta the whole zari line is going to be all these which is very classic on saturday and now in this You can see that the wing has been made very good feeling Saad you are going to get all this variety means whatever variety we give to you from here, it is very good definition is found with very good material so that you customer it is very good.

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You can show them very well Colors Combination I am going to get a lot of you which we talk about Add Send Variety Just now I have shown you Yes Yes there is a Lucknowi pattern so you can see something like this The clutch you are going to get, you are going to get all the light colors, which we can speak in ice cream colors, yes the light color that sleeps is called ice cream color C, so now we move to the new design, in the next design you will be very Available in good heavy pattern, you can see the complete cotton material But you can see that the design has been given, you get very good golden color embroidery work, you get different designs of these stones, you get the whole border that becomes divine in such a way, you can see some You get the design of the lens and you are going to get the sleeves, in this way we get you the umbrella look, you can see that you are going to get a lot of golden color from here with the cut work.

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You can see a very nice cute concept, you are going to get that black color, everyone knows that Rahil is the color It attracts everyone a lot, so you can see that the design of the whole cut is going to be very good, if you get guava in it, then to know about many such contacts, only you have to do this on your screen. But the numbers given, you just have to call which is going on in Corona, you all know that I have also searched the pick and drop from here, so very good facilities are going to be available to you, then you can see who it is who has a scarf, in this way you get this scarf, if we talk about your skills. And by handing it very well, you are going to get it and the two such are very much like it, then you can see what is going to be a kurti pattern, in some way you get the title of kurti in which you get full ghote Key design means that in some way you get the design of these stones, you are going to get the whole of the goatee on this matter and embroidery work and plastic mirror work means when you get so much in one kurti, it is very cute.

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Who can and can also see the bottom ace in it, in this way you get the orange color button, which means complete variety of complete color combination, how are you going to get this in the textile company, then soon in the new design which bean you china On the dupatta you get bay, on the fruits all around you in the dupatta in the same way The design of the golden color lace is a very simple dupatta you will get, it is going to look very much like it because the quality of its kurti is going to be very super, you can see it is really going to get you in this way and This you can see the complete collection of Kunti, you are seeing this Pulse’s design which you get, on this occasion Chief Ne Singh means that you can see the whole you get from the machine person, what you get is very much what you get. With good imaging, you get the whole total guava stick, you are going to get even more immersed in the volver kurti, the sample is about to be the quality you can see in the session of the kurti, you can see the best quality that you can see this complete Whatever we call butter, you can see that in this way you are going to get a complete scarf, you are going to get it with very good designing and the design is very good cotton fabric, the planning design is on it. So the matter is different and you can see that it is going to get its full water.

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What is the complete printing accordion, you get the material with a perfect finish, like the brightness is shown here, while the variety is delivered to you at home, then you can see that you will also get some printing concepts. What’s next you can see in this way, but the look given by it looks very cute that take a samosa, the designer you are going to get, you get the perfect look that means women who are doing business sitting at home With him, the one who does stretching is also very good, he can sit at home comfortably, all these websites that can stitch it up and make good profits can earn very well, so see you with Next Remedy in the next video. We would like to get your support in the same way so that we bring many more variety for you and if you can start your business very well sitting at home, then I Himanshi laughing goodbye to you right now.

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