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Blouse Wholesale Market Surat: Surat, known as the textile hub of India, is home to a thriving wholesale market offering a vast range of clothing options. When it comes to blouses, one of the essential components of a traditional Indian outfit, Surat’s blouse piece wholesale market consists of numerous wholesalers and manufacturers.


With a reputation for superior craftsmanship and an extensive collection of wholesale blouses, Kesaria Textile has become a go-to destination for retailers and fashion enthusiasts.


Among them, Kesaria Textile Company stands out as a leading provider of high-quality, traditional readymade blouses and blouse pieces.


In this blog, we will delve into the world of blouses, explore the varieties available at Kesaria Textile, and understand why it is a trusted name in the blouse wholesale market.


A Haven for Blouse Retailers and Fashion Enthusiasts:

Surat’s blouse wholesale market is a haven for retailers and fashion enthusiasts seeking quality blouses at competitive prices. This bustling market is known for its diverse range of designs, fabrics, and styles. As one of the key players in the wholesale industry, Kesaria Textile stands out with its commitment to delivering top-notch products and exceptional customer service.


Kesaria Textile Company offers both readymade and 2 meter blouse pieces with incredible designs on it. This makes the company stand out proudly among Surat blouse wholesale market.


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Wholesale designer blouse Collections at Kesaria Textile:

A. Traditional Readymade Blouses:


Kesaria Textile blouse wholesaler in Surat offers a wide array of traditional readymade blouses that perfectly complement different styles of sarees. These blouses are meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit and exquisite design. From classic designs to contemporary patterns, blouse wholesale market caters to diverse preferences and trends.


Kesaria Textile boasts an impressive range of wholesale blouses that cater to a wide array of preferences and requirements. Let’s explore the notable collections available:


1. Traditional Blouses:

Kesaria Textile offers a rich assortment of traditional blouses that capture the essence of Indian heritage. These blouses are available in various fabrics, including silk, cotton, and velvet, adorned with exquisite embroidery, zari work, and intricate patterns. Retailers and customers alike can find classic designs that effortlessly complement traditional sarees.


2. Blouses:

For those seeking modern and trendy blouse options, Kesaria Textile printed blouse wholesaler in Surat presents a captivating collection of contemporary designs. These blouses showcase innovative cuts, unique necklines, and stylish embellishments, making them perfect for fashion-forward individuals who desire a fusion of tradition and contemporary fashion.


3. Designer Blouses:

Blouse wholesale market caters to the discerning tastes of fashion connoisseurs with its exclusive range of designer blouses. Crafted with precision and creativity, these blouses boast intricate detailing, luxurious fabrics, and avant-garde designs that are sure to make a statement. Retailers looking for premium offerings can rely on Kesaria Textile’s wholesale designer blouse collection to impress their clientele.


4. Customizable Blouse Options:

In addition to ready-to-wear blouses, Kesaria Textile also offers customizable blouse options. This allows retailers and customers to tailor the blouses according to specific measurements and preferences. With an extensive selection of fabrics, trims, and embellishments, Kesaria Textile ensures a personalized touch and a perfect fit for every wearer.


Customizable fashion is essential. Custom blouses in readymade blouse wholesale market let you express your style. These are few custom blouse options that the market offers:


  • Fabric Choices: Choosing the fabric for your blouse lets you pick the texture, pattern, and colour you like. You may make a comfy, stylish blouse from silk, cotton, chiffon, or other fabrics.


  • Necklines: A blouse’s neckline might vary in appearance. Try V-neck, boat-neck, square-neck, or sweetheart necklines. Choose a style that suits your face and aesthetic.


  • Sleeve Lengths: Custom blouses let you choose short, long, three-quarter, or sleeveless sleeves. Choose sleeve length based on occasion, climate, and comfort.


  • Embellishments and details: Give your blouse a personal touch. Lace, needlework, sequins, and beads are options. These accents can boost the design and make your blouse represent your style.


  • Fit and Silhouette: Customised blouses fit your body shape and size. You can choose a blouse that fits and flatters you, whether you like a relaxed fit, a tailored fit, or something in between.


  • Blouse back designs: Don’t forget! Try keyhole, cutaway, or lace-up backs. An intriguing back can make your blouse stand out and offer mystery.


  • Blouse length: It can change the look. Choose a blouse length that flatters your physique and goes with your bottoms.


Custom blouses let you express your style and personality. Mix and match to create a blouse that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and unique.


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B. Blouse Pieces


In addition to readymade blouses, Kesaria Textile Company also offers a diverse collection of blouse pieces. Blouse pieces are separate fabric sections that can be stitched into customized blouses according to individual preferences. Kesaria Textile provides an extensive range of blouse pieces in various fabrics, colors, and designs.


– Silk Blouse Pieces: Silk is a classic choice for blouse fabric due to its luxurious texture and sheen. Blouse wholesale market offers a variety of silk blouse pieces in different colors and patterns, allowing customers to create unique and customized blouses that perfectly match their sarees.


– Cotton Blouse Pieces: Cotton is a comfortable and breathable fabric choice, particularly suitable for everyday wear. Kesaria Textile provides a range of cotton blouse pieces featuring beautiful prints, patterns, and colors, ensuring comfort and style.


– Designer Blouse Pieces: For those seeking exclusive and trendy blouse designs, Kesaria Textile wholesale blouse manufacturer Surat offers designer blouse pieces. These pieces showcase innovative patterns, intricate details, and contemporary styles, allowing individuals to create fashionable and personalized blouses.


Shop with Kesaria Textile Wholesale Blouse Supplier:


Kesaria Textile Company is a renowned name in the blouse wholesale market in Surat, offering a vast collection of traditional readymade blouses and blouse pieces. With their attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and diverse range of designs, Kesaria Textile caters to the varied preferences and demands of customers.


Whether you’re looking for embroidered blouses, mirror work blouses, stone-studded blouses, or blouse pieces in different fabrics, colors, and patterns, Kesaria Textile has something to suit every taste and occasion. Explore their collection to enhance your saree ensemble with exquisite and stylish blouses.

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